Summary: A message about who is God and why it’s so important.

Let’s see your bibles today, let’s see your bibles today. Take a deep breath in. Hold up-hold up-hold up-holdup. Take a deep breath in. Say wooooooooooooooooooord. Let’s see your pens, lesson plan. Let’s turn to Exodus 3, 2nd book of the bible, Exodus 3, Exodus 3. Let me pray for you all.

Lord thank you so much for your faithfulness. Thank you for your word. Thank you for being faithful to us and we pray that we can be a blessing to you. We pray that your word would speak powerfully to us. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

I was on a plane talking to a guy about ah the Lord and the plane is a very good place to witness to people. You know why? They can’t go nowhere right? You don’t want, you don’t want to be a pain in the neck but you know you just want to take advantage of the fact that his person is going to be next to you for 2-3-4-5 hours. So we were talking and when I witness to people usually I start out with asking questions. You know I just don’t bombard people. You got to do this, you got to do this. It’s more – What do you believe? And help them understand where you’re coming from etc. so I could understand what they believe.

And so I was asking this particular person I’ve had this identical conversation with many people with identical answer. Tell me about you know God and tell me about what you believe and they said – Well you know I don’t believe that there’s not one God. I believe that we all have a god and our concept of god and whatever our concept of god is as long as it’s good you know it’s ok. You know I believe we all have a light within us. We have to follow that light. We have a conscience and we kind of know good from, right from wrong and we should treat people the way we want to be treated. I believe that that’s very important and I’m listening to this and then you know it sounds pretty good. You know I, I’m feeling it. Let’s just – what about heaven and hell? Well you know if we treat people the way we’re supposed to be treated and the way we want to be treated and be treated with you know respect. I believe God because He’s a God of love will bring us to heaven. He’s not gonna send us to hell cuz He knows we’re sinners and blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. So ok I said – Let me ask you a question. Where do you get all this stuff from cuz I want to read about it. I want to learn about your god and your philosophy cuz it sounds very interesting to me. Well it’s not written anywhere. You know it’s just something that’s in you. So I said – Basically you made all that up.

Now when you talk about God and when you think about God it is very important, muí importante that you get it right. You don’t want to almost get it right. Now whether you believe in God or not, whether you worship God or not you will cry out to God one day. It’s gonna happen.

I was watching this show a long time ago, long before you all were born, a show called Dy nasty. Has anybody heard Dy nasty? Dynasty, Dynasty that yeah Dynasty. How many of you all heard of Dynasty? Ok good. Anybody not heard of Dynasty? Ok so Dynasty was, it was like 20 something to 30 years ago. It as a nighttime soap opera about these very wealthy families in Texas. I believe it was Dallas. Was that right? And it was like the Dynasty you know they, they had all this money and they had big ranches and they would just you know, they’re very wealthy people but in the show it was soap opera so this person would sleep with this person. It was you know cheating on that person, just drama and so these, these, these people where this man and this woman were having, were in the bed and they were cheating on each other’s spouses. They were committing adultery and the guy has a heart attack in the bed and the lady cries- Oh God help! And God’s like – I ain’t got nothing to do with that~

But the point is here they are doing, doing what they shouldn’t be doing and yet as soon as something happens they go – God!! You will cry out to God. By the way if you have the privilege and honor of knowing that you are going to die, in other words it doesn’t’ happen suddenly, you’re gonna cry out to God. You’re not gonna say you know – Mommy can you help me? You may want to see your mama but your mama can’t help you. You’re not gonna be talking about how much money you have in the bank. You’re not gonna talk about how good you look or whatever. You’re gonna want to talk to God because you do not know what’s gonna happen when you die and only God, if there is a God knows that answer.

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