6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: A sermon about God as designer.

Let’s see your bibles today, let’s see your bibles, say word. Let’s see your pens, lesson plan. Let’s turn to, everyone say lesson plan. Very good. Let’s see em, let’s see em. Raise em up here, wave em like you just don’t care. There you go. Ok very good.

Turn to Psalm 139, Psalm 139. Wilbur. Psalm 139 and if you don’t know where Psalms is there’s Psalm 139 is almost the exact middle of the bible. I think the middle of the bible is Psalm 117 or 118. So there you go. Psalm 139, 1-3-9.

Lord thank you so much for your faithfulness and your goodness to us. Thank you that you love us. Thank you that you know us. Thank you that um you created and designed us marvelously, that we are your prized possession out of all your creation. You made us in your image like nothing else and we thank you for the opportunity to know you and have a relationship with you. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

A few years after we bought the house we are currently in she said she wanted to paint the walls and um I said – They’re already painted. She said – Well I want to paint them a color. I said – They’re painted white, that’s a color. White is a color so why do you want to paint them again? Fellas you know what I’m talking about? I mean am I not the only one right? They’re already painted. She said – Well you know this one green to match the couch and this one red to match this, and you know I want to do the white border about the little wanes coating thing. I want to put that up too. And I’m like – what’s that? You know wane, what’s wane? And you got to put that up then all this stuff. And, and, and I was like- why? Well you know I ended up giving in cuz you know your wife is the head of the household right? Actually the man is the head of the household but your wife is the neck and she can turn you any way she wants you to go. So…so ah we painted the house. You never heard that one huh? Yeah, you’re the neck yeah ok but don’t go crazy with it ok? So we painted the house and it looks all beautiful, got all the colors you know it works.

Um we all have a need and a desire and interest to be creative to some level, to design things to some level, even if it’s just the way we dress. As we continue our series called Who is God, everyone say who is God? Today we’re gonna talk about God the designer. Now if you look behind me you see a living room, a simulated living room and last time we talked about God being an uncaused cause. Matter of fact I asked you a question that how many of you believed that there was a living room behind me. Matter of fact let’s start it again. How many of you believe there’s a living room behind me? Ok very good. It’s not a trick question. How many of you believe there’s actually a simulated living room behind me? Just raise your hand. Very good and we asked the question ah last time – How many of you believe that someone put the living room here? Just raise your hand if you..ok. Does anybody by the way, does anybody here believe that the living room came here by itself, that nothing put it here? I didn’t think so.

So there were two pieces of furniture we pointed out last week. One was the cross on the wall and the cross on the wall represents God cuz we’re gonna prove to you and propose to you that this living room is gonna help us understand that there is a God, there’s enough existent proof in the world to prove there’s a God, and it’s also gonna tell us what kind of God He is and how to have a relationship with Him just through this living room.

We also looked at this nothing jar. It’s a jar I call it the nothing jar. It looks like a vase but the nothing jar and the nothing jar has nothing in it. Do you see that? N-O-T-H-I-N-G nothing and that represents the people who don’t believe there’s a God. There’s some people who don’t believe there’s a God, people watching online, people watching on television you don’t believe there’s a God. Ok and so you believe that nothing created everything or nothing caused it.

So I think by unanimous vote we all believe that something caused the living room. Can I get an amen? Ok is anybody in here just for clarification, is anybody in here believe that nothing the contents of this jar, nothing caused this living room to be here? Does anybody? Just want to raise your hand. Last week there was one guy ok but then I think he changed his mind by the end but that’s ok.

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