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Summary: Who and what God is.

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Who is God?

Story: “ They’re looking for me. ”

Intro: Greetings to the youth

Tonight I want to talk about who God is. I men who is He. Not who He is in general, but who is He to you. What is he to you.

Illust.: God is Like…

Explan.: A 12 year old girl from NJ wrote that. I know it’s funny, but that’s how she viewed God.

Who is he to you? [ ask the youth get response ]

I. In 1st John 4:8 It says that God is love. The very nature of God is to love. So what does love do?

1st Cor. 13

Love also gives in of itself. Expound on this.

What else is God to you?

II. A father. A perfect father

The bible says that we are the children of God. I hardly knew my father when I was growing up, so when I first got saved this was a little hard for me to grasp. The more I learned about God the easier it was for me.

I learned that God is a giver. He’s a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. In James it talks about Him giving wisdom liberally. In Psalm 37:4 It says he’ll give us the desires of our heart. The more I saw he gave to me the more he felt like my father. Our fathers a giver.

Illustration: Have you ever asked your natural father for something? How did you approach him? [ Give example of thanking and praising ]

Anyway we need to start viewing God as our heavenly father. Cause what does a father do? He protects, provides, gives medical attention.

How much more will he give us if we go to him with thanksgiving instead of our problems. He’s bigger than any of our problems.

Side Note: If you are doing good doesn’t your natural father more likely to bless you?

Transition : Alright we’ve talked about who and what God is, but how do people that don’t go to church view God.

Sometimes they have no thoughts about God. Others see the church as useless, or good for nothing. What do we do when something is useless? We throw it away.

Have somebody come up and reach into the trash

When people actually reach into the church they find all kinds of goodies.

Like :

Salvation -

Healing -

Prosperity - Payday - 100,000 Grand

Holy Spirit - Mr. Goodbar

Fellowship - 3 Musketeers

Love - Kisses

Direction - Milky way

Happiness - Almond Joy

Hope -

They can find all these things from God and the church. We have to love people enough to show it to them John 15:12. WE have to love one another just as God loved us.

How did He love us? John 3:16.

Life is all about people. Why do you think God made us. He had to have somebody to love. Somebody to express that feelings toward.

Since we know all this now we have to realize we are in this thing together. We need one another to help show God’s Love to others.

Ill. Remember the Titans

That might be all we have, but it’s all we need.

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