Summary: This series is designed to maximize the ability of the listener to understand and defend the identity of Christ as outlined in the Bible.

Let’s turn to John 1.

My middle brother, I have 2, my middle brother was a professional boxer a long time ago. He is now a personal trainer and he trains people by teaching them how to box. Boxing is probably 1 of the most physical, demanding sports around. When you watch people boxing, unless you’ve done it, you have no idea how, what amazing condition it requires. It takes to just hold your hand up for 3 rounds much less 10 and to be getting hit at the same time. So I work out with him but he was, he was in just amazing shape and it was always a very painful experience for me. He runs you know 6 miles, 7 miles all under 6 minutes and just walk in the house and hardly be sweating. Um, ah but he now trains people and most of his clients are um adults, doctors, lawyers, housewives. I don’t know if they’re desperate or not but housewives. And he you know teaches them how to fight and how to punch and it’s an hour constant, constant motion.

And so he’s teaching this little Jewish doctor, it doesn’t matter that he’s a Jew but I, he’s an east coast Jewish doctor, a little guy and when you learn how to fight you start to get a little confidence that you can fight. People cannot fight by the way. If anyone wants to challenge you to fight just know they can’t fight. If you ever watch baseball players, basketball players you know they just hit each other and they hit each other and nothing happens because they don’t know what they’re doing. Um but once you learn how to punch properly, 1 correct punch will knock somebody out or hurt them. You know you’re not gonna (punching sound) like in the movies. That’s not reality if you’re doing it right. So this little old man is learning how to fight, getting a little confidence. So he’s driving down the street, this is a true story by the way. Some of that stuff I tell you is not true. But this is true. He’s driving down the street and someone cuts him off! So he starts beeping his horn, yelling and he follows the guy to the gas station. Now we’re talking about a little old guy. He follows the guy to the gas station, jumps out of the car and says – You want some of this? You want some of this? Little old man and the guy who he followed got so scared he just drove off, like that brother must be crazy. He must know karate or crazy or something like that. And the little old guy after he had realized what he had done, that he’s gonna fight. He’s like 60 years old, he’s gonna fight somebody, his knees were shaking. His telling his wife – What did I just do? So his wife comes to my brother and says – What are you doing to my husband?

He also trains little boys, this little kid who was getting bullied. His parents put him in and he was getting bullied by at school so they put him in to learn how to box. Now he’s not, they’re not really there to fight, they’re there to get in shape but this little boy went to school and a little bully picked on him – Bham, knocked him out, knocked him out cold! He don’t bother him any more.

So when people start saying stuff about the bible that it’s not God’s word, or that Jesus is not the Messiah, that it’s a book of fables and myths, you can say – No, no, no. You don’t understand. It’s a whole, it’s, it’s so different than what you think. And so my encouragement to you is that you would really, every week you come here not only fill out the notes that we’ve given you, but I’m gonna tell you a bunch of stuff that’s not in here. It’s all on the web by the way, on our website. Write down little facts because most people do not know what they’re talking about when they say stuff and if you could just give them a few of these facts I’m gonna give you today for the most part they will shut up and then you’re 1 step closer to them accepting the bible to be true because the bible is an amazing, amazing book, more than I could ever explain in 90 hours of speaking. So we’re just gonna give you highlights and give you some stuff to um go and look up.

Now let’s look in your notes. First thing we’re gonna look at is this quote – the Who is Jesus really series is designed to maximize the ability of the people of the Rock or whoever to understand and defend the identity of Christ as outlined in the bible. Step #1 in this process is to be confident in the reliability of God’s word. You have to be confident that this book we call the bible is God’s word and that there’s no other book even close to being as reliable as this book. I’m gonna say it again – You have to be confident that this book is God’s word and there is no other book close to being as reliable as this book, that every other book is an imposter. It doesn’t mean that all the other books have nothing good in them.

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