Summary: Is Jesus just a baby in a manger scene that’s taken out once a year? Is He there to give you health, wealth and prosperity? Is He some type of fire insurance? This passage answers those questions about who Jesus really is.

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1. Jesus’ relationship to His creation (15-17)

2. Jesus’ relationship to His church (18-19)

3. Jesus’ relationship to His children (20-23)

I’m sure many of us have heard the story about the little girl who was coloring a picture in her Sunday School class. It was a pretty picture, but the teacher couldn’t quite figure out what it was going to be. So she asked her. The little girl was so into her work of art that she didn’t even look up from her paper. Without even looking up, she told the teacher, I’m coloring a picture of God. Well, the teacher didn’t quite know what to do. She knew how involved the girl was in her artwork. But she knew she needed to correct her theology as well. So she told her—“sweetheart, you can’t really draw a picture of God, because nobody really knows what He looks like.” The little girl still didn’t look up from her paper when she said, “Well, they will when I get done.” How many times do we do that? How many times do we paint a picture of God based on what we think He ought to look like rather than what He is really like? How many times do we make Jesus out to be something that He really isn’t? There are millions of people throughout our nation who will tell you they love Jesus. They’ll tell you they love Jesus, but have no idea who He really is. Most of the time when I am talking to someone about their relationship with the Lord, I ask them a simple question. I ask them, “Who is Jesus to you?” You would be amazed at some of the responses I get. Some people think he was a great teacher. Some think he was a prophet. Some think he was a good example for us to follow. But most people don’t even answer the question. Most people start to act like they’re running for political office and deflect. They’ll talk about what a good person they are. Or they’ll tell you what church they’re a member of or when they were baptized. They’ll talk about all their good deeds or their charity work. A lot of times they’ll start to tell you about how much better they are than all those church people they know. It’s about that time when I feel like acting like a judge in the courtroom. I feel like saying, “Objection—just answer the question.” Who is Jesus to you? In our passage this morning, Paul answers that question for the church at Colosse. One of Paul’s disciples, Epaphras probably planted the Colossian church while Paul was at Ephesus. Epaphras was saved in Ephesus and immediately went to Colosse and planted the church there. The church there did very well. And you know what happens when a church does very well, don’t you? Satan attacks it. It turns out that he attacked the Colossian church by bringing in some false teachings about Jesus. It was so bad that Epaphras went to Paul while he was in prison in Rome for help. Paul wrote this letter to them to remind them of who Jesus is. That’s what I want this morning to be about. I want us to be reminded of who Jesus is. We’ve just heard a wonderful cantata that told of who He is in His incarnation. Now we’re going to see who He is in His relationships. First, who is Jesus in His relationship to His creation? Look with me in verses 15-17:

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