Summary: What sets us apart from the other people is our GOD. Who is your God?


What will set you apart from others? For example in a work place, you have the same employer, you have the same work schedule, you have the same office, you may eat in the same canteen and surely you have the same payday. What would make you different from the rest? Yes, your own God! It is how your God works in you and how you revere your God. By the way, who is your God?

My God is the One who…


A. He Tabernacles In Me (He rest in me)

The picture is that has been looking for someone who will be worthy to receive his presence and then he found you. He has chosen. Just like, Abraham, he personally picked up from the rest of the people because he chose to believe in God.

B. He Loves Me (He will not hate me)

Then he said, “I chose to love this person, que sera, sera. I have decided to love him forever. He is my friend.”

C. He Favors Me all the time (I will keep my covenant…)

With Him in me, his favors will always work for me. “All things work for good …” (Romans 8:28)

And He …


A. He is My God, 12a (I am His people-He posses me—owns me)

B. He is MY Savior, 13 (He brought me out of slavery—lowest rank one can get)

C. He is My Lifter, 13b (He enabled me to walk with head held high.)


I am different. I am above everybody. My God is living in me. I got all His promises. His covenant is true. I am working for Him. He is my superior; I’ll do whatever he tells to do for his honor and his glory.

If you stand for God and for what we believe about Him, he will honor us. If we do what we ought to do with regards to our jobs or works, God will stand for us. He will prove to all that don’t believe that his words and his promises are true.

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