Summary: With all the talk about war going on in our own society & around the world, Christians still forget that we are in a war of our own, a spiritual war. This battle is between heaven & hell & the place where the battle is often fought is here on earth. The s

[The Invisible War Series]


EZEKIEL 28:12-17 / ISAIAH 14:12-15 [-21]

You and I are engaged in a battle, one of cosmic proportions. We know we are facing a real opponent because this world bears the bloody, painful scars of this conflict: wars among nations, genocide, hate, shattered lives, broken homes, suicide, rape, abuse, addictions, and immorality of every kind.

John Milton, in his great works Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained speaks about the great cosmic combat that takes place in the twelfth chapter of the book of Revelation. In describing that chilling chapter of Revelation Milton says that the forces of heaven and hell are the central focus and earth is the battle ground in which the cosmic combat takes place. That is a good description of the spiritual battle that takes place within our world.

With all the talk about war going on in our own society and around the world, Christians often forget that we are in a war of our own, a spiritual war. This battle is between heaven and hell and the place where the battle is often fought is here on earth.

The church often loses sight of this truth, the truth of spiritual struggle, especially the church in America. Christians in America have become so comfortable in their Christianity that the thought of spiritual warfare rarely even crosses their minds. But it is paramount that we understand as the church and as Christians that we are truly a part of spiritual battle, a cosmic conflict, and the Lord has called His people to fight the battle, to wage war against the forces that oppose Gods righteousness and rule.

The supreme leader of this rebellion and war against God, Gods angels, Gods church and true Christians is the Devil. Satan is a created being, but he wanted to be worshiped and served like the Creator. It was this attitude that led him to rebel against God and seek to establish his own kingdom. [ You will be like God is a gigantic lie that he has used to control civilization since he used it to bring about the fall of mankind.]

The obvious evil in the world has caused societies both historical and present to acknowledge the existence of one who births, provokes, and foments it. Although the pictures of the devil in widely diverse civilizations are remarkably similar, they dont tell us very much about his identity, origin, or activities. To gain specific information concerning his character and purpose we must look into the Bible. Even in the Bible we dont find answers to every question that comes to mind. Still, the Scriptures reveal all we need to know to take him seriously and to frustrate his efforts to destroy us.

As you systematically read and studied the Word of God as it relates to our enemies it will teach you about our ancient enemy. The Bible gives you insight into how Satan operates, where he came from, and who he is which provides wisdom and strong equipment for our spiritual warfare. The believer intent on claiming all of his victory in the Lord Jesus Christ should familiarize himself with basic biblical information about his enemy.

This message will give help you better familiarize yourself with the enemy of our soul by providing you with extensive Bible quotations about Satan.






Satan has not always existed. He and all the other angels were created (Ps. 148:2,5; Col. 1:16) by God back before time began. In Ezekiel 28:12-17 we find a description of Satan before he sinned. Although speaking to the king of Tyre, there are definite indications in the passage that he was described a king in terms that could not apply to a mere man. The passage on the Tyrian king symbolizes Satan for the prophet was speaking beyond the king to Satan himself and provides us with insight into Satans state as originally created by God.

In verse 12 of Ezekiel 28 we discover that Satan or Lucifer was created perfect in wisdom and beauty. "Thus says the Lord GOD. You had the seal of perfection. In all of creation there has never been another being created as perfect as Lucifer. The last part of verse 12 states he was, Full of wisdom" (NASB). Throughout all Gods wondrous works no creature could be found to match the marvelous wisdom of Lucifer. He was the wisest of all created beings.

The third understanding were given in verse 12 is he was also perfect in beauty. Lucifers possessed the most dazzling beauty in all the universe.

The fourth detail about Lucifer found in verse 13 states he dwelled in "Eden, the Garden of God. His privileged residence was in Gods paradise. This Eden was prior to the Garden of Eden, which was possibly named after the former Eden in which Lucifer had lived.

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