Summary: to help our people understand that there is a difference between Your reigning in our lives and Your saving us from our sin. In conjunction to this, I want to impress upon the people that Your reign MUST be to the inner core of our being.



Last Tuesday at Bible Study, I had the most wonderful God-filled experience. As we were wrapping things up, Lorraine starts talking with the others about some of the things that were decided upon for the December 3rd Christmas outreach.

And as she mentioned these things, the thought came rushing into my mind “But I didn’t have a say! But no one asked me! And just as though thoughts rushed into my mind, our Lord and Savior who reigns forever and ever came in to chase them out saying “He is mine, You are not in control, but I reign here”

Wow, That was a freeing thought for me who has this tendency to desire to control. Today I want to ask you a couple of questions regarding the Lords’ reigning in your life First, let’s read this psalm responsively.



The first question I would like to ask you is this does the Lord REIGN in your life?

I am not talking about being saved. I am not asking you if God has saved you from your sins.

Comparing Salvation and Lordship through the Bible:

Salvation and Lordship are not the same. We struggle with that today as did God’s chosen people, the Israelites. We see this throughout Scripture. For one example, we can look at God’s saving them from their bondage in Egypt, and then we find them in the wilderness complaining; we also find it in the New Testament, and just one example is Paul’s writing to the churches of Galatia, stating “You were running a good race. Who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth?” (Galatians 5:7 NIV)

Comparing Salvation and Lordship in our Contemporary Society

There is also a struggle in grasping this idea of Reigning in our society. When we realize that in our land we can elect our rulers, choose schools for our children, and even be a part of a church that we like, choose the boss who will be our boss, it is not easy to hear the words reign over me, control me, lead me. We like choices. It is just the American way of life.

And yet, our not being able to grasp the importance of letting God reign in our lives should not become the reason for us not submitting to His lordship,

For example, just because we don’t grasp the workings of gravity, will not be reason to discount it, and jump off buildings

Scripture and the Christian Experience both make clear that we needlessly struggle with problems because we have not yielded to His reign in our lives.

As Christians we need to NOT be extreme in our view of the saving power of God and the Lordship of God. On one hand, there is a false sense of eternal security for those Christians who disregard the need to mature in the Christian, while on the other hand, there is the lack of assurance of your salvation for those who stress the need of a disciplined lifestyle without grasping the grace of salvation.

So my question to us again, does the Lord reign in your life.


A look at the text: water

I would like to call your attention to vv. 3-4 and make this note: the ancient writers viewed water as something very chaotic and unpredictable, and when the gods had won over their battle with the waters, creation followed, so when they write down that God is even over the waters, they are telling us that God IS all powerful, that God continues to create!

Relating God’s rule over water with our lives

And God seeks to do just that in our ENTIRE lives, not just who we let each other see on Sundays, or Tuesday nights, or when we chat with each other on the phone, or when we are out in public, but this great God is all powerful over even the chaotic unpredictable areas of our lives. Only He can and will recreate and bring healing to those skeleton areas of our life

Illustration: secret sins

Two elderly, excited Southern women were sitting together in the front pew of church listening to a fiery preacher.

When this preacher condemned the sin of stealing, these two ladies cried out at the tops of their lungs, "AMEN, BROTHER!"When the preacher condemned the sin of lust, they yelled again, "PREACH IT, REVEREND!"

And when the preacher condemned the sin of lying, they jumped to their feet and screamed, "RIGHT ON, BROTHER! TELL IT LIKE IT IS... AMEN!"

But when the preacher condemned the sin of gossip, the two got very quiet. One turned to the other and said, "He’s quit preaching and now he’s meddlin’."

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