Summary: Sermon examining who is really in control of our lives.

Who is Your Shepherd?

Psalm 23:1

Who’s in Charge Series

October 22, 2006 AM Service

As I was growing up in the thriving town of Sardis City, Alabama, I knew that as long as I was under the roof of my parent’s house, that I had to respect their wishes and be submissive to their wants as a growing young man. As I have returned home to Sardis High School, I am to remain submissive to my administration and their wants and desires for me as an employee of the Etowah County School System. Now that Jen and I have Jaelie-Grace, it is of further importance for me to be the man of the household, being the provider for my family – in all areas (physical, spiritual, emotional)

As a Pastor, the Pastor is to feed the flock with the Word of God, not only the Word – but living out the Word in His daily life. The members are to help the Pastor in Ministering to those who are in need. We each have a responsibility to as Ryan put it – “hold on to the rope of ministry” in our church and in all churches today. However, this sermon speaks to each individual in a poignant manner – Who is the Shepherd of your life? Better than that, who and or what controls your life?


I. The Lord is My Shepherd

a. David shows each of us the true love of His life – “The Lord”

b. Who is in control – “The Lord”

c. Who is he going to follow – “The Lord”

d. “The Lord” – is the God of Creation, the God of Salvation, the God of Eternity, the one and only true God

ILL David calls Him “Lord”. Some call Him God, Some call Him Friend, Some call Him Father, Some call Him Jesus!

Why did David call Him Lord?

1. David knew God in a personal way – He had a relationship with God

a. Keys to a relationship

i. Prayer/Supplication

ii. Submission

iii. Active Living

2. David called His shepherd “Jehovah-Rohi”

a. Simply means – The Lord, my shepherd – one who feeds and leads

b. Notice the personal connection (my)

c. The Lord is the Leader and Guider of His People – complete holiness

i. Exodus 33:20

1. His thoughts and ways are way beyond our comprehension

ii. Isaiah 55:8-9

1. Shepherd can have a loving relationship with his sinful people, whom He has redeemed

d. Rohi is my shepherd, not just David’s

i. “I am my beloved’s and He is mine” – (Song of Solomon)

ii. Psalm 139:2

e. Who is the ultimate Shepherd?

i. Jesus Christ

1. Who announced His birth – The Shepherds

2. What were Jesus’s instruction to Peter – “Feed my Sheep”

ii. What can Jesus, our Jehovah-Rohi do for you and I:

1. Gently lead us when we are tired

2. When we are hurt and weary, He will anoint our head with oil and refresh us with His care

3. He will lead us even when others will try and show us a different way. He protects us from their evil.

4. After the heat and burden of the day, He gathers us into His fold and provides safety and shelter

5. He will lead us into the eternal fold and rest before the throne of God. (Rev. 7:15-17

II. I shall not want

a. David knew Jehovah-Rohi as his Shepherd, but he also knew Jehovah-Jireh as His PROVIDER

b. Jehovah-Kireh – “The Lord Will Provide”

c. Genesis 22 – Abraham – greatest crisis of His life

i. God provided a lamb

d. God will provide:

i. Our basic needs (Psalm 23:1)

1. Matthew 6:11 – all of our daily needs – food, water, clothing, and a roof, strength, and anything else that we need to keep us together. – All provided by Jehovah-Jireh

2. Jehovah-Jireh provided our means of salvation and restitution with Him through the lamb that was slain – Jesus Christ.

3. God did Himself provide a lamb. He took our place on the cross, a sacrifice for our sins – because He Loved us.

III. Are you in a position today to quote this verse and mean it?

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