Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: short story sermon

In Matthew 14 after John, the Baptist was beheaded at the request of the daughter of Herodias, his disciples ran and delivered the tragic and frightening news to Jesus. Upon hearing about the untimely demise of his contemporary and friend, Jesus withdrew to a place of solitude. Nevertheless, the people remembered that John, the Baptist proclaimed Jesus as the anointed of God, so the people came to find Jesus.

The one born just to anoint Jesus with the Christ, had been put to death, so that meant guess who was next. That was a good reason for anyone run and find a place of solitude and pray. Nevertheless, the anointing of God inside of Jesus, the Nazareth saw the need for retreat as a moment to rebuild our courage in the face of defeat. After reaching his place of retreat, Jesus was greeted by the needs of the frightened people. They were a sheep without a shepherd because John, the Baptist was dead. However, in spite of the sadness of that great loss, Jesus still took time to have compassion and used the anointing of God inside of Him or the Christ to healed the people.

Despite of what just happen to John, Jesus knew the God of Abraham anointed him with a job to do and he continued to do the kingdom’s business or what God sent him to do. Therefore, right after Jesus heard the news, the Christ inside of him took charge and Jesus went about His Father’s business and healed the injured sheep and feed the hungry people. Jesus strengthened the stand of those around him. Afterwards, Jesus went and talked everything over with God and received more of God’s Righteousness.

My point is although the disciples left Jesus, the Nazareth behind, simply because Jesus used the Christ inside of Him and did what God told Him to do first, God not only gave Jesus the power to feed a multitude with just a little. He also gave Him the power to walk across the water so He could catch the boat on His journey to Calvary in order to save our souls.

My point is as the men and women chosen by God, we do not have to worry about missing the boat. If we, like Jesus, simply do what God wants us to do first by continuing to seek his Righteousness through prayer, faith, actions, and by loving each other, we will not have to sit and wait for God to part the waters. When we do as Jesus did, God will give us the power to walk on top of the water as well as the power to calm the storm. Now with all that power, who really needs a boat?

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