Summary: A semon about having faith that what you give to God (money, time, talents, etc....) will be used to glorify his kingdom

Would you give God your lunch?

John 6:1-13

I am going to talk about giving this morning. Now don’t get up and walk out, I know a brand new youth pastor giving his first sermon in church doesn’t need to start telling the congregation how they need to give more money, so that is not what I am going to do. I am going to talk to some of you about giving more of yourself to the lord, and if there are some who aren’t giving any of yourself, then I am going to talk to you about giving some of yourself to the lord.

Now, as you know we had charge conference here last week, and something Brent said in that meeting struck a nerve with me. He said, we had about reached our peak as far as growing, unless…..did you get that unless, we have more people in the church willing to help. See if you have 300 in a church, which is about what we run on Sundays then you need far more than 10 or 12 people in the church helping to do things.

That is like me going to a fitness center and watching people work out when I know that I need to be in their working out with them, and I do need to work out and get in shape. See, it is like Brent said in service last week, a lot of us like to come to church just to be here and to “PLAY” church, when we really need to come here and take part in church so we can get something out of it.

Some of you are an active part of this ministry, and others are still sitting on the sidelines wishing there was something to do. Well there are lots to do, so lets get out there and get our hands dirty. If you are not serving in some fashion of this ministry, then I promise you that the church can use you in some way.

Lets look at Mark 10:43-45

Now, look at those lasts words Jesus says here, “not to be served, but to serve.”

When you look at that statement you are looking at what the ministry of a church is all about, Ministry is simply using your time, your talents, and your resources to serve others. So, this is what I was talking about when I was talking about giving, I was talking about the giving of yourself to help God’s kingdom grow.

Now your sitting there saying to yourself, “Why are you talking to be about the ministry of this church, I am not the minister, that is Brent’s job, or that is your job”

Now, you know what, that is the kind of thinking, the kind that thinks only me, or only Brent, or only us and certain leaders of the church are suppose to give of themselves is wrong. We are all, not just a few, but all are called to be ministers for God! We are all supposed to get off the bench and get into the game to help.

Why are you supposed to do that?

First of all because God says that is what we are suppose to do. There are many places in the Bible that says we should use what we have to glorify God.

Secondly, because we have been chosen too.

Just think about this for a second, you have been chosen by God to be apart of his family. God has given each and everyone one of you certain gifts and certain talents that can only be used to do, what only you can do! He placed you in this time, in this community, in this ministry for a reason. What is that reason?

Thirdly, because you have been gifted. Each and every one of us has a special or unique gift that can be used to glorify the kingdom of God. A gift that can be used to help the kingdom of God grow. What is that gift you have?

Now that I have you thinking about what you can do to help this church, I will bet there are some of you sitting there saying, What I have to give can not be used by God to help this church.

Can I let you in on a little secret, he can I guarantee?

Let me show you how God can use so little to do so much!

How many of you know the only miracle that is recorded in all four gospels, if you do, then good, if not let me share it with you.

There was a little boy who’s friend told about this great man that was hanging out down by the sea, and that there were a lot of people their to see him, because he was teaching them great things, and he was healing the sick, and making the blind to see, and he asked if he wanted to go with him down to the sea side and see what all was going on.

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