Summary: A call to serve and glorify God


Matthew 6:1-18

INTRODUCTION: Why are you here? There are more answers to that question in this room this morning than we care to think about. Some are here because their parents brought them. Some are here because they think if they come here then God is “paid off” for another week. Some are here from habit. Some are here from guilt. Some are here from a sense of duty to God. Let’s consider what Jesus said about our duties:

I. Christian duties

A. To others: Giving

1. Tithing is a biblical principle. The question is of stewardship. EVERYTHING we have is a gift of God.

2. Not “How much of my money do I give to God”, but “How much of God’s money do I keep for myself?”

B. To God: Praying

1. Christians must pray. “You could as easily find a living man who doesn’t breathe as a living Christian who doesn’t pray.”

a. A lifestyle of prayer

b. We could as quickly go without eating as we could without praying

c. Hunger and thirst for righteousness through prayer. Have you ever truly been hungry or thirsty. ILLUS: Football practice without water.

2. Group or corporate prayer is not condemned here – it just can’t be for show. ALWAYS remember who you are talking to.

3. This prayer binds us to God:

a. We ask to be given our daily bread. Not sold or loaned. Not enough for the week. We must daily focus ourselves on God and depend on Him.

C. To ourselves: Fasting

1. The goal of fasting is to determine God’s will.

2. We can fast a lot of things other than food.

II. Glorify God, not yourself

A. Self glorification is always a very real danger

B. What Christ promises is not doom but the reward they sought. Not the reward God promised, but the reward they promised themselves. They wanted to be seen, and they were seen. How paltry.

C. God rewards not as a master to a servant (what he has earned) but as a father to a child, (the entire kingdom, given abundantly.)

D. If you are not serving God, then whom do you serve?

CONCLUSION: Why are you here? Whom do you serve? Seek the

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