Summary: As Christians, we must realize that no matter what we go through and face in life concerning the enemy, that ultimately we as believers will have ultimate victory through Jesus Christ...

I. Introduction:

-One of the ways the enemy tries to attack us is by giving us a spirit of defeat, and of hopelessness and powerlessness.

-Truth be told though, God has given us power over the enemy AND the ultimate victory!

-So how do we claim the power and ultimate victory God has given us??

II. Body: 3 ways to claim victory over the enemy:

A.) Recognize who your true strength is.

-"The Lord is my strength & my redeemer."

-"They who trust in the Lord shall renew thier strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles.

-God is the true source of your strength!

-We have to recognize this in order to tap into his power!

B.) You have to utilize the power God has given you.

-God has given you power over the enemy!

-Matt. 16:23

-You have to talk back to the devil!

-The same power Jesus had over the enemy has been imparted to us by the holy spirit!

-We have to begin to live empowered lives!

-How can I talk back to the enemy?

a.) By using the word:

b.) Case in point:Matt. 4:1-11

-Jesus was tempted.

-He refuted the enemy with the word!

-3 examples:

1.) devil said: "Tell stones to become bread."

Jesus said: "Man does not live by bread alone..."

2.) devil said: "Throw yourself down."

Jesus said: "Do not test the spirit."

3.) devil said: "Bow down and worship me."

Jesus said: "Worship the Lord your God only."

-The devil CAN’T STAND the truth!! The truth is the word!!

-You have to talk back to the enemy! (Elaborate.)

-Take hold of the power God has given you.

C.) Realize that we have the ULTIMATE victory through Jesus Christ!

-God has the ultimate victory & last laugh!

III. Preach the text:

-Set up story of text.

-Encourage & exhort the people of God that no matter what they go through God has the last laugh!

IV. Conclusion:

-Recap major points.

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