Summary: A sermon that seeks to find exactly who is the head of our life.

Introduction: Their was a tv show starring Tony Danza in which he played a housekeeper. The show was focused around the fact that it was hard to tell exactly who ran the household. Was it the lady who hired Tony? Was it Tony? or was it the mother of the lady who hired Tony? It was very hard to tell who was the boss, and many times in our life it is hard to tell who the boss is. Here are three questions that we should ask ourselves to determine who the boss is:

1. Who are you leaning on? The writer tells us to trust in the Lord and lean not to our own understanding.

2. Who are you looking to? The writer tells to acknowledge God, this means to look to God for guidance.

3. Who are you being lead by? The writer also tells that we should allow God to direct our path.

So once again i ask the question "who’s the boss?" these questions will help you to answer this question. I hope that people will be able to determine who’s the boss of your life.

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