Summary: Who's your boss? Some denigrate God by calling Him "the man upstairs" or some other such nonsense. he is the Holy God of Israel. He is our Savior and Redeemer. He revealed Himself to us through Jesus Christ. Let's revere Him for who He is...THE Creat

Exodus 20:1-3

Who’s the Boss?

As I prepared this series, I realized how little we actually preach the Ten Commandments as if they are neither important nor relevant. They are both. It was very enlightening to me to preach through the Ten Commandments. I trust this series will encourage you to also preach on the Ten Commandments!

Introduction- The young husband was henpecked, and he was going to a psychiatrist about the problem. The doctor told him, "You don’t have to let your wife bully you! Go home and show her you’re the boss!"

The young man got home, slammed the door, shook his fist in his wife’s face, and growled, "From now on, you’re taking orders from ME! When I get home from work, I want my supper ON the table. I want my clothes laid out. I will be going out with the boys. You will be staying home. And another thing. Do you know who’s going to tie my tie?"

"Yes," she said. "The undertaker."

Everybody has a boss! Even those who say they are the boss, they have a boss. It may be the consumer or customer. They have a boss.

As believers in Christ, we have a Boss. It seems that we don’t always act like it.

“And God spoke all these words, saying:”

God’s Presence Before His People 1

Our God is a terrifying and awesome God. He is the living God. There is none like Him. Notice how the children of Israel responded to His presence.

First, they Felt His Presence.

They experienced His presence through earthquakes and the blowing of trumpets. Not only did the earth shake, rattle and roll but the blasts of the trumpet made the earth tremble.

They also Saw His Presence.

They witnessed His presence through the clouds and the fire. They were shaded by day and illuminated by night. I am sure that was a tremendous sight to behold!

They Heard His Presence.

They heard His presence through the trumpets and the voice of God. His voice rolled like thunder. It shook them to the core of who they were.

They Feared His Presence.

They trembled and asked Moses to speak to Him. They could not bear under the awesome power of God Almighty.

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.”

God’s Proclamation to His People 2

God proclaimed to the people who He was. He was NOT to be trifled with. Even today, people are flippant in their approach to God as if He was a myth. Sadly, their unbelief and disrespect will be judged.

His Claim

He is the pre-existing God. He depends upon no one. All of who we are comes from His grace and love. We witness His existence thru His creation and witness through our conscience.

His Name

His was the unpronounceable Name. It is a holy Name. It is a powerful Name. There is none like Him!

His Fame

He is Creator and Deliverer. He delivered His people from their bondage and shame. He does the same for us through Jesus Christ, His Promised One.

His Aim

We are His possession. He is protective and very jealous. His people belong to Him. We were in a pagan land serving a pagan people living a pagan life. But He delivered us from our sin.

“You shall have no other gods before Me.”

God’s Prohibition to His People 3

God prohibits idolatry. Because He is jealous, He wants the best for us. He wants us to be faithful to Him.

His Call - you

We are called individually, publically and personally. It is irrevocable. We belong to Him!

His Command – no other Gods

Nothing takes priority over Him. This is not a suggestion, it is a command. Notice the gods of the world.

There is…

Nike – She is the winged goddess of Victory. She is the local sports goddess. We wear “her” shoes in sports activities.

Dionysus or Bacchus – He is the god of wine, mirth and music. It’s all about pleasure! Solomon began his experiment (Ecclesiastes 2) in paganistic pleasures!

Mammon – He is the god of greed, materialism and covetousness. He is alive and well in our world today. Walk the malls in your city and you will see his vices lauded by all.

Aphrodite – She the goddess of sex and lust. She becomes an addiction which can only be broken through the power of Christ.

Minerva is the goddess of intellectualism, art and war. She is the master of educational idolaters.

Our Challenge - against/before His presence!

Who is it that you trust, treasure and thirst after? Is it the gods of this world or the living God who loves you? Your challenge is to seek Him while He may be found!

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