Summary: Jesus was a real Man!

Who’s the Man

Phillipans 2


A. When I was young I played an association game

1. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say.....

B. Well what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say Jesus?

1. Do you think of a baby? Galgotha? A 12 year old in a temple? The savior of the universe?

2. Or do you think things like a bunch of rules? Kill joy? Boring? Have to get up early to go to church?

C. What ever you think of I’m sure that it’s not what we are here to talk about tonight. Jesus was a man.

I. Who is He though?

A. Belize Central America, He was known as a dead man on a stick.

B. In art He is a pale face, scrawny, man with long golden hair skipping through the fields with his apostles.

C. On the front of bibles He’s caring a lamb walking around patting little kids on the head.

D. He is pictured as everything but a Real man.

II. What does scripture say about him?

A. Mark 6 says that He was a carpenter.

1. No power-saws. Or drill presses. No sanders or craftsman tools.

2. He didn’t run to the Home Depo and buy a couple of pressure treated 2 X 4’s

3. He used a dull ax he made to cut down trees. Then he dragged it home. And used brute strength to make whatever he wanted.

B. Luke 9 says he lived out side.

1. No house to sleep in or eat at.

2. No car to drive, he walked every where.

III. Size and courage of Christ

A. Mark 1 Jesus goes to a fisherman’s wharf and calls men to follow him.

Describe a Seedy fishing wharf.

B. Luke 4 Jesus goes home and tells them like it is. (Bunch of Hyprocites)

1. They take him to the edge of a mountain to throw him off

2. He turns with holy anger in his eyes and walks right through the crowd.

C. Mark 11 The temple was turned into a shopping center.

1. People were doing anything to make a dollar

2. Christ walks in with a whip and drives them out.

3. They run for their life, not a soul decides to gang up on him.

D. Why do they all act like this?

1. Do they say He’s the son of God? No!

2. When he turns to walk away from the mountain do they forgive him and let him go? No he walks through them.

3. Would the Jesus we see in pictures stand a chance skipping past a bunch of Big nasty fishermen? No!

E. The reason is because Christ is a real Man.

1. He is someone who you can be proud of.

IV. Christ was a man and went through what we go through

A. He got hot and tired. John 4:6

“And being weary he sat at the edge of the well.”

B. He got thirsty John 4:7

“Give me a drink.”

C. In Matthew 8 the storm that scared the Apostles they went to the back of the boat and found Christ Sleeping.

V. Yes Christ was The man. He was like us the question is are we like Him?

1. Phillipans 2

A. Agree with each other

Don’t fight just to fight

B. Love each other

Stretch the boundaries of Love like Christ did in Mark 13. (Washed feet)

C. Be deep spirited friends.

Friendship should cost something.

Be open enough to share and care.

D. Don’t push your way to the front.

Don’t take by might

E. Don’t sweet talk your way to the Top

Empty flatter to get what you want

F. Put yourself aside help others; forget about yourself long enough to lend a helping hand.

This is where the rubber meets the road. What are you doing for other people?


A. Christ was a man and the son of God

B. He knows you and understands you

C. He is still willing to have you as one of His

D. Take this time now to give Him your life

E. Let him be in control

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