Summary: Christ birthday

INTRO: There was once a family that celebrated Christmas every year with a birthday party for Jesus. An extra chair of honor at the table became the family’s reminder of Jesus’ presence. A cake with candles, along with singing “Happy Birthday”, expressed the family’s joy in Jesus’ presence.

One year a Christmas afternoon visitor asked five-year-old Ruth, “Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?” After a moment’s hesitation, she answered, “No, it’s not my birthday.”

TITLE: Let’s Talk About Whose Birthday It Is Anyway

TEXT: Luke 2:1-7 (READ)

Short message cover three points:

1. The Trip

2. The Message

3. The Celebration

I. The Trip

A. Reason leave Nazareth - census.

1. Customary to return to one’s original town where one was born.

2. Exact # so the Romans would know how much to increase the taxes.

B. Journey (Nazareth - Bethlehem was around 80 miles!)

1. Discomfort of the journey: Mary in 3rd trimester, no transportation, donkey, several days, concern baby born in the middle of nowhere.

Ex. Tammy’s pregnancy

2. Arrive at Bethlehem.

a. No room at the inn. Think God would have control and make room at the inn.

b. Jesus is born. Stable, the manger (trough where you feed animals).

1. Unlike royalty - ten maids, thousands of toys, best things money could buy.

* Jesus is born in a smelly stable. His crib was a trough animals ate out of.

II. The Message (8-12) (READ)

A. Surroundings: Life as normal.

1. Shepherds watching over their sheep.

a. Angel of the Lord appeared. GK (sudden appearance), brought fear to them.

1. Bright angelic glow (glory of God).

B. Angel brings:

1. Good news of great joy.

-Good news (Savior, Christ) word represents the Messiah (Anointed One) coming to save mankind.

2. All people - v. 10- (READ) Not just a select few.

-Like going to a party and being left out.

III. The Celebration - v. 13-20 (READ)

A. Birth of a child - great company heavenly host, a glorious event. Something to brag about.

1. Proud father, telling everyone. (Felicia, Eric) Dreaming what they are going to be.

* Imagine God knowing his son would be the Savior of the world!

a. Son also will restore the relationship between the father and his children. Broken heart of the father.

b. Tell everyone, sent great company of heavenly host.

Note: Shepherds low on the totem pole when came to society elite. God chose them first to hear this great message! (humility, birthplace, shepherds).

B. Shepherds search - find Mary and Joseph.

1. They spread the word (v. 17) (READ)

a. The first evangelist – started sharing the news of this important event.

* In today’s society we should be so excited about the birth of Jesus. It breaks my heart to see kids more excited about Santa than Jesus.

-But we can do something about it (tell others).

C. Shepherds return and give thanks (they gave something).

CONCLUSION: What are we going to give Jesus on his birthday?

-Our lives!


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