Summary: Many Christians waste time seeking the favor of other people.

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America is a nation full of people that want to please other men. There is nothing wrong with pleasing other men as long as you please God first. We have come to the place where our co-workers favor with us is better than that with God. We are no longer concerned with how God is pleased with us. God is the on that will judge us all, not the friend that works beside you. So unless you please God first, you have accomplished nothing. Here are some things to help you find favor with God.

1. Serve others without trying to please them.

We as Christians need to come to the point to where we will serve others without expecting some kind of reward. American have come to the point where they serve other only for what they can gain; that is not true servivce. What ever happened to the little statement of having joy? “J” stood for Jesus, “O” stood for others, and "Y” stood for you. We have gotten the process mixed up. Now it is ourselves, maybe others, and we forget God.

2. Have faith in God.

Christians have lost their faith in God. Without faith in God it is impossible to please Him. God simply wants us to trust him, as a little child would be taken care of by his earthly father. Humans require something that we can look at. If we don’t see it, we don’t believe it. So many people have the mind of doubting Thomas in the gospels. We don’t believe God unless we see it. That is why many people have so many problems living the Christian life, they don’t have faith in God.

3. Take a stand for God.

What do you stand for? What would you fight for? Jesus stood for sinners. He didn’t turn his back on us. One of the greatest ways to find favor with God is to stand for Him. I am so grateful that God did not turn his back on me. Paul decided that he would od everything he could for God. He pressed toward the mark and continued until his race was done. How many of us will continue to the end?

4. Praise God.

Heave you thanked God today for his blessings on you? Do you look at His blessings daily? I think of the song so many times-“Count your blessings”. That song would do many of us fundamentalists good.

I have simply tried to give some way that one could find favor with God. God should be the first priority in our lives. When we have God in the right place, everything will fall right into order. God will be pleased with us, when we seek to please him first!

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