Summary: God’s grace gives us life

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Eph 2:8-9

Introduction: What is life? It is to be saved. Salvation is to be assured of eternal life in heaven. Without salvation, we are dead; we just don’t know it. Keep it to yourself it’s my life. Go ahead with your own life, leave me alone.

I. Grace - God’s unmerited favor

A. Free, undeserved goodness and favor from God. Matthew Henry

B. True grace can ONLY come from God.

C. It is a gift of God.

D. Live a grace-filled life!

1. Source of GREAT JOY!

2. Converted sinners offer hope to the unsaved through living their testimony.

E. When we sin, we realize estrangement from God. Grace removes that estrangement

II. Faith – Heb 11:1 – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

A. Faith is a gift of God.

1. That’s why is it substantive.

2. Live a faith-filled life! – Source of GREAT ASSURANCE

B. We cannot earn these gifts by works.

1. What can you do for God that compares to what God has done for you? – ILLUS 1167 – We cannot save ourselves. Story of lifeguard kicking away drowning man

C. Faith in Jesus

1. Jesus is substantive. ILLUS - Chrysotom

III. Jesus – He paid the price for us.

A. He was a gift of God.

B. Forgiveness and justification can only come through Him

1. The murderer of a child can be reconciled to the law after serving a sentence, but can only be reconciled to the mother through her free act of forgiveness.

2. That’s the freedom with which God forgives us.

C. Whose life is it anyway? In v. 10, it reads: We are God’s workmanship.

Conclusion: It is God’s life. You should give it to Him and live it for Him.

Attributed to Chrysotom 347-407, Bishop of Constantinople.

I do not think of Christ as God alone, or man alone, but both together. For I know He was hungry, and I know that with five loaves He fed five thousand. I know He was thirsty and I know that He turned water into wine. I know He was carried in a ship and I know that He walked on the sea. I know that He died, and I know that He raised the dead. I know that He was set before Pilate and I know that He sits with the Father on His throne. I know He is worshipped by angels, and I know He was killed by the Jews. And truly some of these I ascribe to His human and some to His divine nature. For this reason He is both God and man.

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