Summary: All have sinned but WHOSOEVER shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved

Sermon Whosoever

Romans 10:13

I. The Universal Need of Salvation

a. Because of Original Sin; “in Adam all die”

b. Because of actual sin; “all have sinned”

II. The Universal Character of Salvation

a. It delivers from past evils

b. It delivers from present evils

c. It delivers from future evils

III. The Universal Offer of Salvation

a. There is no national distinction

b. There is no mental distinction

c. There is no temporal distinction

d. No restriction as to sex

e. There is no moral condition

IV. The Universal Condition of Salvation

a. It is not an artificial call

b. It is a call that is intensely earnest

c. It is the call of the helpless

d. It is the call of the captive

e. It is the call of a despairing soul

f. It is the call of a lost soul

V. The Universal Steps to Salvation v.14

a. Hearing

b. Believing

c. Calling

VI. The Universal Savior

a. There is no other name

b. He alone can forgive

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