Summary: While we discuss amongst ourselves the answer is obvious, why are the lost . lost and how do we reach them

Why are the lost , lost .

What a good question to ask . In over 2000 years of The Word being taught , preached about , televised , missioned , and spread by every virtual means known to man why then do we still have lost people in the world . When the automobile came into existence around the turn of the last century many disliked it but eventually fell in love with it . At a point in our history within 50 years we went from horse and buggy on dirt roads to cars on asphalt driveways stretching across America . In 50 years we as a nation embraced the car and now , unless you are in a large city like New York or other urban areas were public transportation is accessible and used , you can’t live without it . Try going to Walmart without a car , what are you going to carry your groceries or other purchases home with .

In one century we have become dependent on something we as a human have made . Horses have been around for as long as life has been on our world , so have oxen , donkeys , and other beast of burden and yet we were dependent on them but it is different . With an animal as our way of getting work done and a way to take us somewhere they were regarded with a sense of that they are a living creature created by God for us to use as help and to respect . Now I know many threw out history treated thier animals lower than dirt , as if were a slave to them but then again we have treated our brothers as slave to us also . The Egyptians enslaved the Jews , the Americans enslaved the native Americans at first and then they imported slaves from Africa .

So why would we think they would treat an animal any different than a human . By looking at some cars that people drive today it is still prevalent today , some are regarded with respect ( some even worshiped ) and others well lets just say if it were a horse it would need to be put out of it’s misery . So back to this dependence when we get a car many for the first few thousand miles treat it with such care . We baby it , we don’t mash down on the accelerator or hit the brakes to hard . We watch were we park when at the mall or grocery store . We will park far away so as others who fight for that spot closest to the doors won’t have a chance to bang the door .

We take such care of this contraption we as humans have developed and evolved . We have made them faster , brake better , have heaters and air conditioners , enough seating for a small baseball team , and more cup holders than people in the darn thing. We have created something to be worshiped catered to our egos and needs. We take this car and after about 6 months of paying the bill we are still in joy for we have something new and like a new pair of sneakers it is just starting to feel good . We still wash it but only maybe twice a month now instead of every week end . The new smell is still there but it is starting to get weaker .

Twelve months have past , You celebrate the cars birthday . You think how could I have lived with out this car but yet you drive by the dealership and see the NEW model . Hum , new lights and they look cooler than yours . Oh wait a different upholstery inside and in a color that you really wanted , but oh well you love your new car . You drive off thinking oh hey I need to change the oil on this car and get the tires rotated and don’t forget to get the yearly check up , more money .

Two years have past you are getting hesitant about when people ask what year car you have because now it’s 2 years old and the new for next year are out so it makes your car seem 3 years old now . You skip that oil change figuring “oh I’ll put some Mobile One in it at the next oil change ", which is next month . You also start to notice as your washing your car for this month that there are some door dings in the door , gee could have been from fighting for that first parking spot at Walmart when you just needed to get a couple of things several of those times. Oh on your way home you hit a pot hole and feel something not right so you get it set to go to the dealership the next day to have it looked at .

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