Summary: This simple Christmas message has a lot to say about keeping Jesus the focus of Christmas.

Why are we Still Talking about Jesus? (Part 2)

Have you ever wondered… “How would things be different if there was no Christmas?”

What are some things we wouldn’t have if there was no Christmas?

We wouldn’t have:

1.Christmas Songs

2.Christmas trees

3.Christmas stockings

4.Christmas cards

5.Christmas decorations

6.Christmas cartoons

7.Christmas presents


* When Jesus came, as a baby in the manger, he came to change everything!

You see, since God first promised that He had a plan to take care of sin and death (way back in Genesis) His people had been waiting for it to happen. God had promised that he would send a Messiah, a Savior, one who would take away our sin. And now that Messiah has been born. This one event changed everything!

* And Jesus wants to change each of our lives this Christmas!

The whole purpose for God sending His Son to be born, in a manger, was so that He would grow up and take our sin punishment on the cross. If you have placed your faith in Jesus as the one who died for your sin, everything is different for you. And you understand that every Christmas is really all about Worshipping Jesus. But not everyone knows that. Let me read to you what three different groups of people did when Jesus was born.

Read : Matthew 2:1-12

In our Bible story… One person was changed in a bad way, who was it?

King Herod didn’t like it that God had sent His promised one. He was angry and made everyone around him know that.

Like Herod

Some people get very upset when they are told that Jesus is the real reason for Christmas!

There are still people today that don’t like it that Christmas is about Jesus. They sometimes get angry when someone tells them about Jesus or when His name is brought up. They want Christmas to be about all the other stuff but NOT Jesus.

In our Bible story… One group of people was not changed at all, who were they?

The scribes and religious leaders knew all about God’s Promised One. But they didn’t seem to care at all. They didn’t go to worship Him or even see the One who had been promised long ago. They made up their minds this baby wasn’t going to change their lives.

Like the scribes

Some people act like Jesus has nothing to do with Christmas!

There are still people today that aren’t going to let Jesus change their lives. They’re going to keep doing what they have always done. They’re going to keep celebrating Christmas just like they always have and nothing or no one is going to change that! And each of you need to be especially careful, because I know many of you know that Jesus is the real reason for Christmas, so make sure you keep Him the center of it. OK?

In our Bible story… One group of people was changed in a good way, who were they?

The magi had come from far away. And they had been looking and waiting for this important event for a long time. Now when they came to God’s Promised One, they gave gifts and worshipped Him. Their lives would never be the same!

Like the Magi

Some people are wonderfully changed when they understand Jesus is the real reason for Christmas!

That’s what is so wonderful about Christmas. Each of our lives can be different. When we understand and accept that the reason God sent Jesus was the die for our sin and be our forever friend we can worship Him too. When can do the same thing the magi did every Christmas and every day of our lives. And that’s the real reason we are still taking about Jesus 2000 years later.

*Which of these three groups of people will you be like this Christmas?

Will you be like Herod and make Christmas "all about me"?

Will you be like the scribes and be unchanged this Christmas?

Or will you be like the Magi and be wonderfully be changed this Christmas as you worship Christ our Lord?

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