Summary: When we see Jesus we can stop crying.

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John 20:10-18

Christians are to be a joyful people (Nehemiah 8:10 "For the joy of the Lord

is your strength." Philip. 4:4 "Rejoice in the Lord always: and again, I

say, Rejoice."

The problem with having joy is that we live in a real world. There are

times when we feel much like Mary Magdalene. Her Lord had been terribly

mistreated and murdered. Now, she has come to the tomb to anoint the body

of Jesus, and the body is missing. She did not realize that Jesus had

risen, so out of sorrow and frustration, she stood outside the tomb crying

. Is your joy is hindered by events that have happened to you and your

friends. Life is filled with sorrow. There is the sorrow caused by hurt

feelings. There is the sorrow caused from being mistreated. There is the

sorrow caused by seeing others hurt and neglected. There is the sorrow

caused by family difficulties. There is the sorrow caused by strained

relationships and lack of money or a job. There is the sorrow caused by

sickness and death. These sorrows create a barrier that makes it difficult

for us to be joyful at Easter.

As Mary stood there crying, she was asked by angels why she was weeping.

Mary’s answer to their inquiry was the reason now that she was crying. It

was the result of sorrows over the previous days that also added to the

crying. Is anything making you sad on this joyous holiday? Jesus appears to

Mary, although Mary at first does not realize it. Jesus asked her "Woman,

why are you crying?" Notice that Jesus cares when he asks that question.

Jesus cares about what is causing you sorrow and He wants you to tell him

when you have sorrows. He cares enough to listen. It is interesting that

Jesus turned her crying into joy with just one word. He spoke her name.

Jesus communicated to Mary that she should not cry because He, was very much

alive. The Lord Jesus turned her sadness into joy. This morning, I say to

you, if you are a Christian, if you have trusted Christ, as your Savior He

knows you by name. You can cease crying. I want to give you six reasons that

you may have joy.

1. DON’T WEEP! HE IS RISEN! The announcements that the angles gave the women

who came to the tomb, was, "He is risen." The message Jesus gave the two

disciples on the way to Emmaus was "He is risen!" The message to the

apostles and to Thomas was ’He is risen!" Jesus appearing to Mary was

declaring that He was alive. The message that God gives to us is ’Jesus is

risen!" Why is the resurrection a source of joy? The resurrection proves

that God has accepted Christ’s sacrifice for sin. The resurrection promises

life after death. The resurrection shows us that Jesus is alive.

2. DON’T WEEP! WE have been REDEEMED! When you were born, you were born

under the control of sin and Satan and self. The only way for you to be set

free from your sin, Satan and self, someone had to pay the price set you

free. This is what redemption is. It is what Christ has done for all of

those that claim Him as Savior. It is the precious blood of Christ who is

the sinless son of God that was shed for you.

3. DON’T WEEP! WE ARE REGENERATED! That means we have been born again. If

you have truly trusted the Lord Jesus as Savior, you have been born into the

family of God by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is regeneration. Why

should you not cry because you have been regenerated? You should not cry

because you have new life in Christ now! Although you have problems, you

have new life in Christ! Although the devil is now your enemy, you have new

life in Christ. You now have all the power and ability to handle your

difficulties through Christ!

4. DON’T WEEP! HE IS living inside! If you have been regenerated the Spirit

of the living God lives within you. Christ dwells in you. He is living

inside. The Spirit of Christ is present to comfort and help you. The Holy

Spirit brings comfort to you when you hurt. The Holy Spirit tells you that

you are a child of God. The Holy Spirit empowers us to witness. The Holy

Spirit produces fruit. The Holy Spirit helps us to pray. Our lives should

be to abide in Him and to remain close to have fellowship with Him.

5. DON’T WEEP! HE WILL RETURN! JN 14:3 "if I go and prepare a place for you,

I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye

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