Summary: This sermon is one of conformation that everyone in church is not there for the right reasons. We must keep our focus on Jesus the Christ!


Often times in life we get caught up in situations because we really don’t have a thorough understanding of the situation at hand. We may often follow others because they speak well or may have an enormous wealth of knowledge and we really don’t know why we ourselves are there. Some people are walking around and really don’t have a clue as to who they really are. We as Christians should be fully aware as to what our purpose is for kingdom building and kingdom living. Not saying that we are perfect because we are far from that, but know why we are here and what our purpose is. Stopping with that thought, that brings me to my first and only point for this morning.


Point Number One: Having Misconceptions

Going back to the time of the Passover Feast, according to the great Jewish historian, Josephus, this was a time of excitement and tens of thousands of people from all over the world gathered to partake in such a festive occasion.

It was said that 256,500 lambs were slain at the Passover and each lamb represented at least 10 worshippers. That puts the number well over 2 million people.

Jesus was on His way to the Passover Feast. He was arriving to the city on a colt. This was a special colt. It was special because it had never been ridden before by anyone, which made it sacred.

Animals and things that were used for religious purposes had to be animals and things that had never been used before. You can find this as a reference in Numbers 19:2 and Deuteronomy 21:3.

This was symbolized clearly in the riding of the young colt or donkey. In ancient days the colt was a noble animal. It was used as a beast of service to carry the burdens of men, but more significantly, Kings and their emissaries used it. When they entered a city in peace, they rode a colt to symbolize their peaceful intentions.

This differed dramatically from a conquering King. When a King entered a city as a conqueror, he rode a stallion. It showed his power and authority.

Many people were involved in welcoming Jesus in the Triumphal scene. Many held the false concept of Jesus as the earthly King and Savior of man, as the One who was to be sought in order to secure all the good things of this earth.

The people cried "Hosanna, Hosanna," which means save now, or save, we pray. Man desires to be free, but desires to be free on this earth so that he can move about and do as he pleases.

Man thinks little or nothing about being free from the bondages of this earth. He loves this earth and he wants as much of it as he can get. He wants things such as houses, land, clothes, food, sex, and recreation.

Man thinks little about being held in bondage by such things. Man thinks little about sin and death. He thinks very little about being set free from the power of Satan on this earth and its possessions so that he can live eternally. He thinks very little of spiritual freedom.

My Question to them would be “Why are you here?”

Jesus was dramatically demonstrating two things for the people to see and understand.

One: He was unquestionably the promised King, the Savior of the people.

Two: He was not coming as the conquering King. His mission was not to come as a worldly potentate, in pomp and ceremony, not to be the leader of an army to kill, injure and maim; consequently, the people had to change their concept of the Messiah.

The Messiah was coming as the Savior of Peace who had been sent to save all men. The Messiah coming to show men that God is the God of love and reconciliation.

Jesus planned to go into Jerusalem on this colt because it set the stage for everyone to know that Jesus was the sacred hope, the promised Messiah.

And when the people heard that he was on His way, they all came wanting to see this man that they had heard so much about.

The point is this: the people were welcoming Jesus as the great Conqueror and a mighty Deliverer. They were looking at Him to deliver them from all of their earthly problems.

He was bringing them their Utopia. He was coming to deal with all their enemies of mankind, hunger, diseases and poverty.

They looked at Jesus as the one who would provide them with houses, wealth, land, and plenty of success.

They looked at Jesus as the one that would accept them no matter what they did just as long as he was a little religious. They were able to do just what they wanted, with whom they wanted, and whenever they wanted. In other words, Jesus would allow them to sin and He would turn his face from their sins as long as he/she was a little religious.

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