Summary: A Comparison of the life of King Saul with Believers today

Why Are You So Miserable

1 Samuel 9-19

Introduction: Tonight I am going to tell you the story of a man, probably many men,

maybe someone here tonight. I wanted to know why so many

Christians are miserable? Let me explain, I’m not talking about sadness, or

grief. Day to day ....bleck! Walk around and complain, hate church, hate

people, hate life, bleck!

I. Saul the searcher

A. 1 Samuel 9-10 we find Saul looking for his fathers Donkeys

1. So many people are searching for something in life

B. Saul searched for Donkeys but found God’s Will.

1. Saul found God in a miraculous way, like many of us.

2. God’s plan unfolded and Saul was to be King!

II. Saul faces Problems

A. "I never promised you a rose garden" song from long ago.

1. God never said this would be easy, the opposite in fact!

2. 1 Samuel 10:27

B. Times when people, or circumstances will oppose us.

C. The only way to fail is to quit trying!

1. You will have let downs, set backs, problems

2. Don’t let them make you miserable!

III. Saul the Victorious

A. Saul was a great leader!

1. no doubt he stood out - had talent - was blessed by God

2. people recognized he was a gifted and great man

B. Saul rescues the city of Jabesh

1. Ammonites - came to destroy Jabesh - cut out right eye

2. Saul heard about it - got all of the men together -

3. Defeated the enemy!

C. You will have victories in your walk with the Lord

1. Overcome sin

2. Lead others to Christ

IV. Saul’s Road to Misery-Trashed God’s plan.

A. Impatience - I Samuel 13:9 - never get ahead of God

B. Disobedience - I Samuel 13:13 - If you love me you will keep my


C. Pride - I Samuel 15:12-13 - even spiritual pride is destructive

D. Defiance - I Samuel 15:14 & 20-22

E. Jealousy - I Samuel 18:7-9

V. Saul - Why are you so miserable?

A. Key is in I Samuel 18:10 - turning point

1. Saul thought he could control sin but found out that it controlled him!

B. Gradual, progressive process of a searcher who was at one time in God’s

will now lost and miserable.

Conclusion: Sin makes us unhappy.

1. Searching for God we will find Him

2. Problems & Victories come & go

3. If we give in to sin it will control us-but if we do what God has called us to do

4. Don’t have to be miserable - Joy is in the will of God!

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