Summary: Holiness is a relationship with God. The closer we draw to the Lord, the mor we look like Jesus.

I John 3:1-10

Pastor John L. Harper

Warden Assembly of God

April 9, 2008

“Why Be Holy?”

I. The Depth of God’s Love (vs. 1-3

A. He has made us His children

1. We who were the cause of His Son’s death

2. We who were the enemies of God

B. He will give us glorified bodies

1. We can’t enjoy heaven in our sinful condition (body)

2. We will be just like Jesus

C. He has given us hope

1. His hope purifies us

2. His hope is possible when we stay pure

II. The Debt of Love (vs. 4-8)

A. He paid a debt He did not owe

He paid a debt he did not owe

I owed a debt I could not pay

I needed someone, to wash my sins away

And NOW I sing a brand new song |’’|Amazing Grace|’’|

Christ Jesus Paid a debt that I could never pay

1. He came and died to take away my sins

2. He came to destroy (render inoperative) the works of the devil

B. He has enabled us to choose not to sin

1. Sin is lawlessness

2. “Sins are the fruit, sin is the root.” Warren Wiersbe

C. The spirit of Christ does not abide in one who practices lawlessness

III. The Dwelling Spirit of Love (vs. 9-10)

A. Those who have been born again don’t (practice) sin

B. Those who have the nature of God desire to live holy

• The story of two dogs (which one wins? The one you feed the most)

• We must live according to our new nature, and not our old nature

C. Holiness is a choice as well as sinning

CONCLUSION: When God’s love dwells in us, we are grateful for what He has done. And we don’t want to hurt Him by our actions.

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