Summary: 5 Life Changing Reasons to Become a Generous Giver


Key point: We’re often told we "should" do something without being told "why" (i.e. we "should" read our Bible every day and we "should" give to God).

This message will give everyone (regardless of their financial circumstances) 5 REASONS "WHY" to faithfully give to God’s work based on Scripture and real life stories.

Humor: Story of $1 bill and $100 bill on the way to the furnace.

1) Generous giving allows you to see God as your Provider

Scripture references: Deut 8:17-18, 1 Chron 29:14-17, Matt 6:24

Real life stories: (1) Quote from former communist. (2) In-debt George learning to give and then seeing God provide a need.

Key thoughts: (1) Is the Master in charge of your life or is the Master Charge in charge of your life? (2) Christians cannot serve God "and" Money, but Christians must learn to serve God "with" their money.

2) Generous giving allows you to overcome financial fear and worry

Scripture references: 1 Kings 17:10-16, Gen 28:20-22, Matt 6:31-33

Real life stories: (1) Single mom tithing off her grocery money. (2) Man asks Brian to start a "tither’s support group".

3) Generous giving allows you to bring order to your finances

Scripture references: Prov 23:4-5, Deut 14:22-23, Prov 3:9, Mal 3:10-11

Key point: Money talks, it says "good bye".

Illustration: Brian’s 3 button suit -- giving is the first button in your financial life. Get the first button in the wrong hole and everything else is messed up.

Real life story: African man’s tithing illustration about his children jumping out of the tree into his arms paralleled to parents taking their child to the playground slide.

4) Generous giving allows you to fight the dragon of materialism

Scripture references: Luke 12:15, 1 Tim 6:10, 1 Tim 6:6, Hag 1

Real life stories: (1) Businessman from Chicago who would fight the dragon of materialism with the sword of giving. (2) Woman who overcame a desire to buy an expensive dining room table by giving $20,000 to the Lord’s work.

5) Generous giving allows you to experience more joy

Scripture references: 2 Cor 8:7, 1 Cor 16:2, Matt 6:19-21

Real life stories: (1) Brian and Sandi giving $4,000 on a $15,000 income by learning to "count their blessings" each week. (2) Man who gave over $1 million dollars while maintaining a $50,000/year lifestyle. (3) Poor man in India who was "rich in Christ".

Key thoughts: (1) God provides for us in many ways beyond our normal income. (2) You can be a faithful tither and never become a generous giver. (3) God is always calling us to "excel" in the grace of giving and take steps forward to becoming more generous.

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