Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: When we realize we’re the ones who should be the greatest influence for good in all our relationships, our frustrations will ease.

We must serve God in all our personal relationships we are in now.

I. Follow and Respect Your Parents (1-3)

A. We’re obliged to obey

B. We can’t honor God and dishonor parents

C. One reason parents speak is to make us think

1. Escape sin

2. To avoid danger and disappointment

II. Encourage Children to Grow (4)

A. Encourage, not embitter, our children

B. Help children’s personality and spirituality grow

C. Train and teach children to do God’s best wishes

III. Serve from Your Heart (5-8)

A. Try to make the boss happy as we try to please God

B. Devote full attention to the job at hand

C. Act as if your boss is watching...He is!

D. Work enthusiastically!

IV. Develop Harmony in Your Workplace (9)

A. Seek your worker’s best welfare (Ruth 2:4)

B. Honor other workers; don’t be cruel (Leviticus 25:43)

C. Submit yourself to God first (Matthew 25:21)

D. Treat workers fairly (1 Timothy 5:21)

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