Summary: This sermon attempts to answer a difficult question about why did God create us anyway.

Why Did You Create Us If…

Dear God letters


God, are you that cruel?

1. Why create if You knew we would sin?

Understand 2 things

a. God is relational

Gen. 1:26 & angels

We do crazy things for love

But you can’t force a relationship

b. God wanted us to choose to love Him

You can’t love without free will

Js. 24:15; Mk. 8:34; Rev. 3:15, 16; 22:17

Free will brings the potential for disaster

But also to save the world

Leads to our 2nd question

2. Why create us if we will suffer?

If You are so good, why is there evil?

Why do we ask this?

We want someone to blame

We usually pick God

But what really causes it?

Our sin

Adam & Eve--suffering became reality

Free will brings the potential for good and bad

Without it, there’s no love

Premarital sex

Getting drunk

But God isn’t cruel

He became man

Heb. 4:15

Mt. 11:28-30

God is actually in love with you

That’s why Jesus came

So what?

I had kids even though I knew they would mess up

I also allow them to hurt in order to grow

God is either trying to teach you something

Or your sin has done it to you

God loves you

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