Summary: A sermon focused on how the church can better reach out to men

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* New television series (I don't like)

o Sons of Anarchy

Anarchy = without government or law

* Suggesting that tough, strong, cool guys are above the law

* It's TV's version of the tough guy

o A mans, man

o Because TV often portrays the man as a

„X Bumbling

„X Out-of-date

„X Lost soul

* I want to start my own new series


* In this series I want to deal primarily with:

o What happened to the men

o Why don't we see them in church

o Why do they not like church

* Women, be patient with me


* Whenever large numbers of Christians gather men are never a majority

o Crusades, conference, concerts, etc.

* Leaving the church for women to run

* Giving the church the reputation as the ladies club.

* Men have not completely left the church

* But many times its only the lifers that come

* Men who grew up in church

* Dragged by a mother

o Wife

o Girlfriend

* Men who are humble

o Dutiful

o Nice

o Orderly

o Soft

* Today's church has developed a culture that often drives men away

* Yet more than 90% of American men believe in God

* But only 35% attend church

* 5 out of 6 call themselves Christians

* But only 2 in 6 attend church

* Only 1 out of 5 women attend church with their husband.

* Why aren't they in church?

* Are men not religious?

o Men outnumber women in:

„X Judaism

„X Buddhism

„X Hinduism

* In the Islamic world men are publicly unashamedly religious

* Of the world's great religions only Christianity has a shortage of men.

* Are men not as emotionally expressive?

o Go to a football game

o Raider Nation

* Are men not as organizationally structured?

o Sports teams

o Got car clubs

o Gym memberships

o Gun clubs

o Military

o Brotherhoods

o Gangs

* Most of the Bible men wouldn't fit in the majority of our American churches

Moses -

Elijah - call down

David - his mighty men

Peter - fight -- carried a knife

Paul -

Disciples - sons of thunder (they fought with one another)


* We have made the church culture a place for women and children...

o And emasculated men

„X Barney Fifes

„X Gomer Pyles

„X Pee Wee Hermans

„X Linus'

* But we can't do what the church is called to do without men!

* The answer is not a "man dominated' church where men are Kings and women are invisible


(It's All about Atmosphere)

1. Culture is not Conducive to Men

„X Today's church has a culture of safety over risk

„X Stability over change

„X Preservation over expansion

„X Predictability over adventure

„X My favorite movie / Patti's favorite movie

„X When men go to movies we want things blowing up


o Cars crashing

o Guns blazing

o Bad guys dying

o Tension, fighting, language

o Heroes, villains, etc

„X Men want to kick butt -- save the world

„X When women go to movies they want

o Brilliant conversation

o Beautiful costumes

o Scenery

o Handsome couple

o Care, tenderness, softness

o Relationship

„X I think our church culture looks more like a girl movie...

„X Than a guy movie

„X It should be both

o Christianity is a wonderful relationship with Jesus

o While we kick the Devil's butt and save the world against impossible odds!

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