3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: A sermon focused on how the church can better reach out to men


* New television series (I don't like)

o Sons of Anarchy

Anarchy = without government or law

* Suggesting that tough, strong, cool guys are above the law

* It's TV's version of the tough guy

o A mans, man

o Because TV often portrays the man as a

„X Bumbling

„X Out-of-date

„X Lost soul

* I want to start my own new series


* In this series I want to deal primarily with:

o What happened to the men

o Why don't we see them in church

o Why do they not like church

* Women, be patient with me


* Whenever large numbers of Christians gather men are never a majority

o Crusades, conference, concerts, etc.

* Leaving the church for women to run

* Giving the church the reputation as the ladies club.

* Men have not completely left the church

* But many times its only the lifers that come

* Men who grew up in church

* Dragged by a mother

o Wife

o Girlfriend

* Men who are humble

o Dutiful

o Nice

o Orderly

o Soft

* Today's church has developed a culture that often drives men away

* Yet more than 90% of American men believe in God

* But only 35% attend church

* 5 out of 6 call themselves Christians

* But only 2 in 6 attend church

* Only 1 out of 5 women attend church with their husband.

* Why aren't they in church?

* Are men not religious?

o Men outnumber women in:

„X Judaism

„X Buddhism

„X Hinduism

* In the Islamic world men are publicly unashamedly religious

* Of the world's great religions only Christianity has a shortage of men.

* Are men not as emotionally expressive?

o Go to a football game

o Raider Nation

* Are men not as organizationally structured?

o Sports teams

o Got car clubs

o Gym memberships

o Gun clubs

o Military

o Brotherhoods

o Gangs

* Most of the Bible men wouldn't fit in the majority of our American churches

Moses -

Elijah - call down

David - his mighty men

Peter - fight -- carried a knife

Paul -

Disciples - sons of thunder (they fought with one another)


* We have made the church culture a place for women and children...

o And emasculated men

„X Barney Fifes

„X Gomer Pyles

„X Pee Wee Hermans

„X Linus'

* But we can't do what the church is called to do without men!

* The answer is not a "man dominated' church where men are Kings and women are invisible


(It's All about Atmosphere)

1. Culture is not Conducive to Men

„X Today's church has a culture of safety over risk

„X Stability over change

„X Preservation over expansion

„X Predictability over adventure

„X My favorite movie / Patti's favorite movie

„X When men go to movies we want things blowing up


o Cars crashing

o Guns blazing

o Bad guys dying

o Tension, fighting, language

o Heroes, villains, etc

„X Men want to kick butt -- save the world

„X When women go to movies they want

o Brilliant conversation

o Beautiful costumes

o Scenery

o Handsome couple

o Care, tenderness, softness

o Relationship

„X I think our church culture looks more like a girl movie...

„X Than a guy movie

„X It should be both

o Christianity is a wonderful relationship with Jesus

o While we kick the Devil's butt and save the world against impossible odds!

„X It took Adam & Eve

o To have dominion and be fruitful

2. Too Much Feminine Influence

„X Have you ever seen a man at the mall...

„X With his wife at Victoria Secret?

„X He doesn't look comfortable

o Lace

o Little pink bags

o Holding her purse

„X The place is designed for women.

„X Men don't belong there!

o Men want to be at

„X Home Depot

„X Harley Shop

„X Tool shops

„X Gun shops

„X When men were surveyed why they didn't come to church

„X The number 1 response:

PHOTOS Jesus with lamb vs. Jesus in boxing ring

o Church is for women & wimps

„X Most churches decorations

o Flowers

o Silk plants

o Soft colors

o Mauve and teal or pastels

o Jesus holding lamb

EXAMPLE: The day I pulled up

A dump truck and threw away all flowers, silk trees and doves

„X During the 1990's

„X Promise Keepers led thousands of men to Christ

„X Yet male attendance in the local church declined slightly

„X Because Promise Keepers was a masculine environment

„X But they returned to a feminine influenced church

3. Don't Relate to the Pastor

PHOTO Three photos of Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider

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