Summary: An expository sermon outline focused on the lost!


“Why Do The Heathen Rage?”

(Psalm 2)


A. The heathen were furious.

B. The nation was without focus.

I. It Is Not Because Of Their Relationships

* Their Relation

A. Ruler knows the Kings (vs2)

B. Kings know the rulers (vs2)

1. They counsel together! (vs2)

2. They conspire together (vs2-3)

* Who You Know Determines Where You Go!

II. It Is Not Because Of Their Result

A. This was their goal!

1. “Let us break their (bonds) - restraint (vs3)

2. “Let us cast away their (chords)

*inner twined rope (vs3)

*heavy chain

B. This was what they got!

* He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh


III. It Is Not Because Of Their Reward

A. They will be in derision (vs4b)

B. They will be vexed (vs5)

C. They will be an inheritance (vs8)

D. They will be overcome (vs9)

CONCLUSION: “Be wise now therefore…..serve the Lord with fear…” (V9-12)

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