Summary: Worship to God means to appreciate his worth

Why do we Worship God?

Scripture Reading Revelation 4: 1-11


There is a great lesson to be learned from the dictionary.

• When things start going bad, we often fear they will only get worse.

• It seems that "worse" will take us to the "worst".

• Our nation (Sri Lanka) seems to be moving from “worse” to “worst” – at least that is what many of us are saying regarding the war situation and the economy

• To prevent the "worse" from turning in to the "worst" look at the unique set up God has provided in the English language.

• Any standard dictionary will separate the words "worse" (and it’s derivatives) and "worst" with one special word – "worship."

• When circumstances seem to be slipping in the wrong direction, remember that worship is the buffer between "worse" and "worst".

1. Why do we worship God?

• Did you ask that question when you came to this mornings worship service?

• “Worship” derives from the Anglo Saxon word “WERCSCIPE”

• It means “to appreciate the worth of someone”

• Is your worship to God an appreciation of Him?

2 Appreciate the Majestic transcendence of God

Rev 4:2 At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it.

Rev 4:3 And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and carnelian. A rainbow, resembling an emerald, encircled the throne.

o The throne symbolizes God’s majesty and power.

o Yet his majestic transcendence is fully safeguarded—

o John does not even make any attempt to describe the "someone sitting on" the throne

o The minerals "jasper" and "carnelian" describe the supernatural splendor of God

o The "rainbow, resembling an emerald," describes God’s encircling brilliance

o At worship we must realize that our God who reigns in all majesty can never be fully described with our words – appreciate it

3. Appreciate the Holiness of God

Rev 4:8 Each of the four living creatures had six wings and was covered with eyes all around, even under his wings. Day and night they never stop saying:

“Holy, holy, holy

is the Lord God Almighty,

who was, and is, and is to come.”

o The four living creatures ceaselessly proclaim the holiness of God in a hymn: "Holy, holy, holy" (GK G41; cf. Isa 6:3).

o In Hebrew, the double repetition of a word adds emphasis,

o The threefold repetition calls attention to the infinite holiness of God--the quality of God felt by creatures in his presence as awesomeness or fearfulness (Ps 111:9).

o Such holiness cannot tolerate the presence of evil (21:27).

o Our nation is experiencing the most horrifying things in the history of our nation. Abductions, Abuse of power, Corruption, Economic hardship, Spilling of innocent blood – these highlight the evil & sin that seems to be leading our nation from “worse” to “Worst” things

o But never forget that the God who is holy is also eternal – for “he was, and is, and is to come”

o Appreciate this great truth and worship him


Rev 4:11 “You are worthy, our Lord and God,

to receive glory and honor and power,

for you created all things,

and by your will they were created

and have their being.”

o God is worthy to be praised & adored because he is the Lord God Almighty

o Don’t get use to the Habit of worship without asking your self “Why do I worship ?”

o Illustration

Two young newlyweds were preparing to enjoy their first baked ham dinner in their new apartment. After unwrapping the meat and setting it on the cutting board, the wife chopped off both ends of the ham with a knife and tossed the two small ends in the garbage can.

"Wait a minute," said the mystified husband. "Why did you do that? Why did you just cut off the ends of the ham and throw them away?"

"I don’t know. My mother always did," answered the wife. "Maybe it helps bring out the flavor."

Unsatisfied with this answer, the husband called his mother-in-law. "Can you tell me why you cut the two ends off a ham before you cook it?"

"Well," said the mother, "I’m not really sure why. That’s just the way my mother did her ham, and it was always delicious."

As soon as he hung up he called his wife’s grandmother. "Grandma, we have an important question for you. Can you tell us why you cut the ends off a ham before you cook it?"

"Oh, my yes, dear," answered Grandma in her quiet, thin voice. "I cut the ends of the ham off so it would fit in my pan."

Is our worship to God like the same? From one generation to a another have we got in to a habit of worshiping without asking the question “Why do we worship?”

Worship cannot happen through Automatism (Involuntarily)

o In the midst of all conflict & war, fear & uncertainty let us worship our God because he is worthy

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