Summary: Israel was growing in Egypt but God allowed an evil king to rule!

Most of you know that our messages here at All Nations Bible Church are usually not topical but by exegetical and expositional of a Bible passage; learning biblical principles in context. Occasionally we will do a topical message during special occasions like the last 2 weeks. I hope you are prepared and ready for a New Year; much needed of course is prayer to our Creator God and prayer for each other. I pray that we all strive to pray without ceasing!

And so, after much prayer, our Lord led me to study and preach from the Book of Exodus. For reference, if you like, we have messages from the Book of Genesis recorded on the internet in; and on the other side of Exodus, we did messages on Joshua, the Israelites claiming the Promised Land. BTW, we will likely hit a million views from all over the world of our messages in this year; PTL! Pray that our Lord Jesus would be honored and glorified through our messages form here.

So, why the Book of Exodus? God’s Chosen People the Israelites were oppressed in Egypt where they lived. Is there oppression of Christians today from the world? We will learn much about our God and ourselves as we study the Book of Exodus; and so, let us begin. Open your bibles to Exodus 1…. Read along with me….

v1-5: God’s chosen People started with only 70 people in Egypt!

Remember the history? Turn with me briefly to Hebrews 11:8-12, 17-22……

v6-7: the generation of Jacob’s sons (the first Israel) all died but a new generation (still Israel) grew in Egypt!

v8: What kind of a king now ruled in Egypt??

The new king of Egypt was egostisitic, scheming, and ungodly!

And so,

v11-14: The Israelites became slaves in the land where they were living in!

v15-21: Why do you think God placed in the Bible the names Shiphrah and Puah??

They “feared” God! In context….. what can we note that they feared God??

- They obeyed God instead of the king!

- They gave an honest answer without fear!

Here’s an important question: What did God knew in this passage??

And so, let us note, even though God may seem distant, God knows everything and every person’s heart!

Were Shiprah and Puah blessed with their fear of God? – v21….

But what do we note in v22? – evil continued in Israel’s world

A couple of questions to think about before we note biblical applications for our lives.

A. We know that every person sins, but do we note God mentioning the Israelites sinning before the new Egyptian king??

B. The Israelites became slaves in Egypt and evil continued where they lived, why would God allow that??

C. In spite of the troubles in Egypt, how do we know God was still present there??

God allowed the Israelites to still be fruitful and publicly blessed 2 women! The Israelites likely numbered over 1 million people and yet God saw the hearts of 2 women!

Those questions lead us to applications to our lives, don’t they?

1. In spite of evil in our country and our world, do we still see God’s presence?? Examples??

Always keep watch for God’s presence where we live! Always pray and give thanks!

2. We personally may be the ones God has chosen to reveal Himself in our world!

Let us imitate Shiprah and Puah: Always obey God instead of men and be godly in our speaking.

3. God is good all the time!

In spite of present troubles, God always has a loving plan for us!

How are we to live in spite of troubles? Hebrews 11 – live by faith!!

Godly faith is taking action based on what God says!

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