Summary: There is a "Mother’s Day Message" in this "Palm Sunday" text. Why did Jesus ask his disciples to bring the Mother Donkey along? Five important conclusions regarding being a godly mother.

Title: “Why God gave us Mothers?”

Introduction: If you are familiar with the Bible you will immediately notice that the text that I have chosen is usually only referred to on Palm Sunday. You have probably never seen this passage used for a Mother’s Day message.

Jesus has told his disciples to go into town and bring to him a Mother Donkey and her colt to him. If anyone should ask them, “Why are they taking them?” They were to respond, “Because the Lord hath need of them.”

Now Jesus would only be sitting upon the colt. Why did Jesus ask for the Mother Donkey to come along? There are five things about being a godly mother in this text.

I need to give a quick note of apology for using a donkey to illustrate my message on Mother’s Day, but even baby donkeys need mother donkeys too!

1. A laboring mother liberates her children.

Notice that it was the mother donkey that was tied up. (Mat 21:2 KJV) Saying unto them, Go into the village over against you, and straightway ye shall find an ass tied, and a colt with her….”

If a mother is bearing the daily responsibility of being a mother, her children will be free to be children. The colt was not tied, the mother was. The colt would freely choose to stay at the side of his mother.

How sad it is when children have to bear the weight of adult responsibility because to a failed marriage or lazy parents. I know that children do need to take on responsibilities and chores around the home, but they should also have times when they are simply enjoying the pleasures of being children!

2. God has a special calling for those who are mothers.

When Jesus sent his disciples into town, he specifically told them to bring the mother of the colt along. I can only imagine the young colt thinking, “Where are they taking my Mother?”

Every mother has the calling of God upon her life. It is sad when I am talking to group of young girls about their hopes for the future, and I asked them this question, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” Very few girls respond, “I would like to be a Mother.”

America needs a generation of God-called Christian mothers who will hear the beckoning call of God to the ministry of motherhood!

3. Where a Mother goes, the children will follow.

I can’t help but think of that nursery rhyme “Mary had a little Lamb.” The verse says, “And every where that Mary went the lamb was sure to go.”

Why did Jesus tell the disciples to loose the mother donkey and bring her to me? Because he knew that if the mother donkey came that her young child donkey would follow along behind her.

Mother’s if you want your children to have morning devotions, attend Church, and live a godly Christian life, you must set the example for them to follow! If you want your children to respect the Father, the Pastor, and those who will be in authority in their lives, you must set the example for them to follow!

4. If a Mother can bring her children to Christ, she will see that Jesus will be glorified through their lives.

There is no greater joy for parents than to see their children being used of God in the ministry. The greatest joy of this preacher is knowing that every one of my children are saved and personally involved in the work of the ministry.

This untamed cold would be used by Christ. Jesus would ride upon his back and into Jerusalem where he would receive his worthy praise.

5. Someday, someday, someday…. A godly mother will be praised.

I have read the Palm Sunday story of Matthew 21 many many times in my life. It was only this last Palm Sunday that I even thought about the “mother” in the text. And then I noticed this verse:

(Mat 21:7 KJV) And brought the ass, and the colt, and put on them their clothes, and they set him thereon.

According to this verse both the colt and the Mother Donkey were used on this occasion. Clothes were set upon them both. I can envision the disciples leading the mother donkey first, and then the colt will follow its mother into Jerusalem with Jesus riding on it’s back. What a beautiful picture for “Mother’s Day!”

It is true that every eye on Palm Sunday would have been focused on Christ, but there was a mother leading the way!

Thank God for godly mothers!

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