Summary: People see God as a mean tyrant and Jesus as the Gentle Lamb of God and they cant seem to reconcile the two Why the huge Character change?

God is a God of perfect order, and He had to go through certain calculated steps to create, in the same way he had to go through certain steps to save. The story of our lives is prefigured in two cities.

In genesis the Bible talks about Salem. And this city became Jerusalem. Jesus came to Jerusalem (city of God) to bring in everlasting righteousness but they were not willing, they rejected Him and crucified Him. Jesus said (O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how have I tried to take you under my wings but you were not willing) Jerusalem pointed to the New Jerusalem in heaven, it is a shadow of things to come

God had to go through a progression of steps to bring in perfect righteousness

When the Old testament people hindered Gods plan of salvation had to eliminated them and He did; He started over with Noah.

Every step God took was geared towards salvation and He gave more liberty and grace as time went on

Not everyone would accept him though,

God change not and the God of the Old testament is the God of the New Testament. (God of love)

God predestined us all to be in heaven but Adam sinned. God had to let this cancer of sin run its course to develop a perfect church. (A body of believers to

God created everything that exists. God wrote the Ten Commandments with His own finger. He designed the heavenly sanctuary (blueprint/copy) pointing to Christ as our hope and our salvation. God wanted to dwell with us.

God created a new covenant only after they had rejected His old Covenant, Why? Order

We proclaim the message and we tell people “God is love” and we say “God change not” He is the same yesterday today and forevermore. But Skeptics dismiss us as being irrational and ridiculous believing in “a mystic war God of the Old Testament” When we tell them that God is love, they come right back at you and say. Well the God of the Old Testament is different than the God of the New Testament, in other words – God is schizophrenic and mean and The Bible contradict itself. So, what do you have to say about that? Huh?

Then, trying to defend God, we answer and it would sound something like this. “Well, I don’t understand it myself” So we become doubtful and we question our own beliefs. We picture God as a General at war and we see Jesus as a Lamb ready to be slain and we can’t seem to reconcile the two.

Have you ever wondered about the difference between the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament? Why the change of character / or did it?

What have you imagined against the Lord? (verse)

God created the human race in his image giving them the power of choice and He asked them to obey Him. God knew they would fail, but He also knew, given the opportunity to recover from rebellion, some would actually choose to follow Him out of free will. In order for God to establish a perfect race it was essential for Him to do everything in His power to create the perfect environment to foster spiritual growth. He could not start at the end of time. Doing this would eliminate an entire history of Growth. He could not start off by saving us either – saving us from what? You say noting, there is not sin yet, so all works out good. Wrong! there is not sin because there was no decision. Besides, Jesus could not have identified with us if God created us at the final stages of History; nor could He have sacrificed His life for us. We were not created yet. And God could not put us on probation before we had rejected Him – Anyhow the beginning must precede the end (Logic) Thus, in order to afford a Savior you must first be lost and in order to be lost you must first reject – are you tracking.

In other words, failure precedes salvation.

So, God started, and as with creation; He Had to go through a progression of steps to make salvation possible and perfect. So, He created a perfect sinless human being and placed Him here on earth in a perfect environment. He refused to allow another Lucifer to be created. When God placed the tree of knowledge and good and evil in the perfect garden He visited them and he guided them to accept Him as Lord of their lives. They found themselves in the perfect conditions in a perfect world with a sinless nature and they had every opportunity to succeed and to make a perfect decision by being loyal to God instead of Lucifer... But, it took only one temptation to lead them astray and they listened to the devil. It was bound to happen, sooner or later.

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