Summary: A look at the work of the preacher. This is the first sermon I preach in a new congregation. I received the original outline from Wayne Burger at the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver and modified it over the years.

Change is something new and exciting. Not only that, it can be scary because when things change there is a certain unknown element we face. What will change bring? Will it be for the good or bad? Will this work? Did I make the right decision? All of these questions and thoughts are natural and normal reactions to change. Today is a day of change for us here at __________________. We are starting a new work with a new minister and must now move on in the work of the Lord.

At the beginning of Acts 10, we are introduced to Cornelius and his household. We learn that Cornelius is a Roman soldier, yet he is considered a just man, who fears God. The term “God fearer” was one given to Gentiles that had grown tired of their pagan religions and decided to pursue the true God. In this time, they converted or proselyted to Judaism. In the case of Cornelius, he was probably a proselyte of the gate, meaning he did not submit to circumcision, but did keep the festivals and that sort of thing.


A. You did not send for me to draw away disciples after myself.

1. Acts 20:28-32

2. II Peter 2:1-3- False teachers bring in destructive heresies

3. I Corinthians 1:10-12 the results of becoming a disciple of a person, splits in the church.

B. You did not send for me to teach some strange new doctrines.

1. Acts 17:21- The Athenians spent their time just listening for new doctrines, to have their ears tickled.

2. I Timothy 1-3- Paul’s charge to Timothy, Paul wants Timothy to see to it that only sound doctrine is


C. You did not send for me to tickle your ears.

1. II Timothy 4:1-5

2. II Timothy 4:5- I am to do the work of an evangelist and fulfill my ministry.

D. I am not here to be your favorite preacher But, I'm sure I will be LOL :) )

1. We intend to be here long term, a period of years, but, there may come a time when we will, for

whatever reason, move on to another work. If that happens, you must not sit around and wish we

were here, you must continue on with the work.

2. We do not want to be like the Corinthian church and other churches that look to a person not to

Christ. Keep your focus on the Lord, not me.

E. I am not here to do the work of an elder or run the show.

F. I am not here to do your work for you.


A. Look at the text in Acts 10:

1. Acts 10:6- Cornelius was told that Peter would teach him what he needed to do. The preacher is to

proclaim the word of God, and HELP the brethren to stay on the right track.

2. Acts 10:22; 32-33 NOTE V:33- Cornelius told Peter he wanted to “Hear the things commanded you

by God.” Peter was to proclaim ONLY what is in the word, just as you and I are. Without adding or

taking away from it.

3. My work is related to teaching people two primary things:

a. How to become Christians.

b. Once converted, how to stay saved and in a right relationship with God.

B. You sent for me to speak the oracles of God, not opinion.

1. I Peter 4:11

2. I Corinthians. 4:6- We are not to think beyond what is written in the Bible.

C. I am to preach Christ and Him crucified. The death, burial and resurrection are the core of the Christian message.

1. I Corinthians 2:2

2. I am to proclaim the fact that Jesus Christ is the only way for man to be forgiven of sin and by

obeying Jesus we become God’s people.

D. I am to preach truth as written in the pages of the Bible.

1. II Timothy 4:1-5- It is not always convenient to preach the truth, but I must.

2. John 8:32- It is the ONE truth that will make us free, and provide salvation.

3. John 17:17- God’s word is truth, the only truth in religious matters.

E. I am to proclaim the whole counsel of God. Not just the parts I like or that you like, but all of it.

1. Acts 20:26-27

2. The whole counsel of God is more than “hear, believe, repent, confess and be baptized.” The whole

counsel of God tells us what we must do when we leave the building and head for lunch this afternoon

and what we do when we head for the office tomorrow.

F. I am to be fair and impartial when dealing with people.

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