Summary: As a child of god I am doing good things , my hobbies are Very good it never hurts others. Still I am not happy ! Do it every thing for God glory , for Gods kingdom.

Illustration: I was doing the ministry where I could not communicate directly to the he people because of the language, all of the sudden my Translater stoped , I was forced into the situation, that if I have to continue the ministry, I should learn the language and do ministry, I started leaning the netive language.

While I was speaking in their language, I was very particular about my language, my presentation I was very careful about my points , illustration, application.

1. Do not let your fear impact your message .

Illust-continue:- when I stared preaching in their language the believers in the church were so excited, after 2 weeks I asked about the message , one believer said “ the message was good but He could not understand “ .

That night I could not sleep properly, I was thinking, what I missed . In points or

Application. Immideatly I called one of my friends , and explained everything to him, he said , speak plainly .

2. Focus on your audience

Illust- continue :- next week onwards I was very care full to speak plain language so that every one can understand , again after 3 weeks I asked our church believer about the message, he said pastor “ message was excellent easy to understand but I couldn’t not digest the message “.

I said : smells good, tastes good but can not digest ?

This time hole night I could not sleep, I was laying on the bed but could not sleep, “one thing trigged my mind , “ that is I am laying on the bed to sleep but not sleeping.

Doing right thing but in wrong situations. I sand before the congregation to preach to them , but my full attention, concentration and focuse was on my message .

Doing wrong thing in a right situation. I was not focusing on audience rather I was conserntrating on my message .

Application :

Conclusion :

Enjoy your message , focus on your audiaiance .

Colossians 3:23 says whatever you do, do it heartily as to the lord and not to men.

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