Summary: The necessity of the resurrection for salvation

WHY I BELIEVE (in the Resurrection)

SCRIPTURE: I Cor 15:12-22

INTRODUCTION: Is it Important to Believe in the Resurrection?

The Resurrection of Jesus is the foundation fact on which Christianity is built.

Clarence Larkin pg 129 "Rightly Dividing the Word"

There is simply no way to overemphasize the importance of the Resurrection to the Christian faith, for the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the Christian faith. Christianity stands of falls on the validity, the historical reality, of the Resurrection. "Proof of the Resurrection" David Reagan

The most significant event in history is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the strongest evidence that Jesus is the Son of God. This event gives men and women the sure hope of eternal life a hope that not only gives joy as we look to the future but also provides us with powerful reasons to live today.

"The Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?" Pat Zukeran

According to the Word of God, if this Man named Jesus, who said He was God, who claimed that HE could and would emerge from the tomb in triumphant glory . . . if HE didn't do it, then the Christian faith is gone. It's history; it's down the tubes. "Where's the Body?" Voice of Prophecy


A. Genesis 3:14-15 4000 B.C.

B. Job 14:14 "If a man die, shall he live again? all the days of my appointed time will I wait,

till my change come." What change? Changed from a mortal to immortality.

Job 19:25-27 1500 B.C.

C. Psalms 16:10 "For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell; neither wilt thou suffer thine

Holy One to see corruption." 1000 B.C.

hell = sheol, underworld, grave, hell, pit

It simply meant the place of the dead. Spiros Zodhiates

corruption = decay of the body

Acts 2:27-32 Peter quotes after Christ arose.

D. Dan 12:2 534 B.C.

II. CHRIST DECLARED that He would be crucified and buried and on the third day would rise from the dead.

A. Matt. 12:38 - 40 Jonas and Jesus -- 3 days -- Wed to Sat morning according to Dake

B. Matt. 20:17-19

C. Matt. 26:30-32

D. Luke 18:31-33

E. John 2:19-22

The overwhelming significance of the Resurrection is to be seen in the fact that it

sets Christianity apart from the other world religions. The Resurrection is the unique

stamp of Christianity, for only Christianity claims an empty tomb for its founder. No

resurrection has been claimed for Abraham, Budda, Confucius, or Mohommed.

"Proof of the Resurrection"


Many witnessed the crucifixion of Christ, but no one witnessed the actual moment of His resurrection from the dead. Did He rise from the dead? Observing the resurrection was not possible for He was alone in a tomb. How do we know He was resurrected?

We must look for the proof. The proof is found in the witnesses of His appearances after the resurrection and the empty tomb.

A. The Tomb

1. Belonged to Joseph of Arimathea Matt. 27:57-58

2. Jesus was laid in it. Matt. 27:59-61

a. 80 lbs of spice/ointment laid on Him

b. 2-ton stone rolled into a slot

3. Roman soldiers sealed it. Matt.27:62-66

A cord was stretched across the stone and an official seal with clay was

fastened at each end so it could be detected if the grave was opened. Dake

4. Roman soldiers guarded it.

A guard of 4 soldiers, which were changed every 3 hours. Dake

5. Opened by angels. Matt. 28:1-4

6. Empty Matt. 28:5-6

The significant thing about the resurrection of the Jewish leaders is that they did not challenge the fact that the tomb was empty. That's because the tomb was empty.

"Proof of the Resurrection"

B. Where's the Body?

1. Stolen by His disciples. Matt. 28:11-15

The disciples were now body-snatchers. Consider this:

a. The disciples fled when Jesus was arrested.

b. Peter later followed but denied knowing Him due to fear.

c. Soldiers guarded the tomb -- they must get by them.

d. Sleeping soldiers were executed.

e. Breaking the seal carried a death penalty.

f. The grave clothes were not taken away, nor tossed to one side as if discarded, but like a hollow cocoon, stiffened by the embalming material, they were left lying on the stone slab. Jesus had just slipped out of them.

Clarence Larkin pg 132 "Rightly Dividing the Truth"

g. The disciples did not fully understand that Christ would rise.

h. The disciples were in fear and despair after the Resurrection and it seems they hid behind closed doors.

i. The disciples gave their lives preaching the Resurrection.

(1) When threatened with death, they could have saved themselves by telling how they stole the body.

(2) "Men will die for what they believe to be true, though it may actually be false. They do not, however, die for what they know to

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