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Summary: God calls Ezekiel and He calls us to stand as a watchman and sound the alarm against sin and for righteousness.

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"Why I’m Staying On The Wall!"

(Ezekiel 3:16-21/33:1-9)


You may be asking yourself, "What is a Watchman?" "And why do you need them?" A watchman is someone who stood upon a wall or a watch tower (I hate that the JW’s have almost ruined that word!). Some watchmen were set near fields and vineyards to see that the food supply wasn’t raided. (*Anybody here ever raid a garden at night? -show of hands) -You’re the kind of people why they needed watchmen!! (LOL) Other watchmen were placed in towers or walls around the city to guard against an enemy invasion.

A watchman would take a shift during the 12 hour night watch. The Jews divided their nights into three shifts, while the Romans had four watches (Mark 6:48).

The LORD was giving the responsibility of a watchman over the nation Israel to Ezekiel. God commissioned him to be a watchman two times. The first commissioning (3:17) was because judgment was coming and Israel refused to listen to the warnings (3:5-7). The second commissioning (33:7) was accompanied with a promise of future restoration. (34:11-15).

Ezekiel’s watch was for the spiritual well being of Israel, not necessarily for their physical well being. The enemy of Israel (Satan) had lead them into idolatry and grave wickedness that had displeased the Lord. As a watchman Ezekiel was then to blow the trumpet on sin and warn his people, much like Isaiah (Is.58:1).

Blowing the trumpet in the Bible was no new thing. There were three essential times recorded in scripture, when the trumpet was sounded. #1) In Time Of War - Num. 10:1,2,9. When it was time to do business with the enemy the trumpet was blown and the troops would make ready for war. * "He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never sound retreat!" This world has declared war on us and we need to declare war on them! > When Paul sailed from Troas towards Samothracia, (Acts 16:11) the island was the supposed place from which the Greek god Poseidon was said to have surveyed the plains of Troy. Had Poseidon seen the invasion of the Apostle Paul he would have ran to Mt. Olympus and shouted an alert to his Zeus and his comrades, "We are doomed! The kingdom of the living God is coming toward us!" * Leonard Ravenhill: "While Paul lived, Hell had no rest!" Paul sounded the trumpet for war and so should we! #2 In Time Of Worship - Num.10:7,8. That trumpet was called a shofar (a ram’s horn and still used today). It was the trumpet Aaron would have used when he called the congregation to worship. The priest also blew the shofar when they encircled Jericho. And Gideon and his 300 men blew the shofar and shouted, "The sword of the LORD and of Gideon!" It’s time we blew the trumpet of worship again. Too long we’ve been quiet. Too long we’ve allowed the world to intimidate us into a corner. Too long we’ve been afraid to be called fanatics by idiots and we remain silent concerning the God of ALL THE UNIVERSE! Speak up! Shout His praises! We aren’t losers, we’re WINNERS! (I Cor.15:57) #3 In Time Of Weddings(i.e. "day of gladness") - Num.10:10a In times of celebration they’d blow the trumpet (shofar) and that included weddings. The trumpet blast at weddings is to call in the presence of God Himself. According to a shofar player I talked with personally from a Messianic congregation, most of the time the trumpet (shofar) is blown just before the bride steps out to meet the groom!!! Matthew 25:1,6 / I Thess.4:16.

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