Summary: We say we are Christians and Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, why do we allow anything (rituals, religions, entertainment, other people, etc....) take more time and focus than Christ, our New Covenant?

Let’s worship our God by listening to His Word. God’s word is Truth and the Truth will set us free. Our Lord Jesus Christ also said “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the fullest!” Our lives can be full if we trust Jesus Christ as our only Savior and God and listen and follow God’s Word. Open your Bibles to Hebrews 8………

v1-2: Jesus Christ is a High Priest (perfect mediator/intercessor) for Christians to God:

- Jesus is right beside Majesty God in heaven

- Jesus serves

- There is a heaven with a Sanctuary which God made, not man!

v3-5: The Temple, where the Levitical priests performed their offerings and sacrifices, is only a shadow of what is in heaven! Therefore, the Temple in Jerusalem was holy but was only temporary!

v6-9: There was Old Covenant with God’s people but the people did not remain faithful to God! God already knew people would sin and so a New Covenant through Messiah Jesus Christ was already set as prophesied!

v10-11: God’s New Covenant will not only impact the mind but will be in hearts and a special relationship between God and people will happen!

v12: God’s New Covenant not only makes way for forgiveness of sins but also complete cleansing of all sins!

v13: The Old Covenant is obsolete and will soon disappear!

Based on Hebrews 8 alone, what was the Old Covenant like?

v3 – gifts and sacrifices were offered To God on behalf of people’s sins

v5 – there was a man-made sanctuary/tabernacle where God met with people

v9 – made by God after being freed from slavery but people failed to meet the covenant

2 Simple questions to think about for applying God’s Word from Hebrews 8:

1. Are we still hanging on to a faith or religion that is actually obsolete (does not do anything to be closer to God)? But I think we can expand on this biblical principle…..

Am I hanging on to anything that does not bring me closer to my Creator God?; specifically, closer to Jesus Christ!

sports, food, entertainment, other people, “sabbath” day, other rituals………..

I am reminded of what God tells us in the first epistle by John in chapter 5; after speaking of the love of God through Jesus Christ and we are to love one another, seems like out of context we read 1 John 5:21… Christians, keep away from idols! What is an idol? An idol is a false god. Anything that is holding me to get closer to God is an idol!

2. What should we be doing to live out the New Covenant through Jesus Christ?

v1: Go directly to the High Priest in heaven for every need and concern! – Pray, pray, pray!

v4-6, 12: Always give thanks to Jesus Christ who did much for us, still working on us, promised us eternal blessings!

v10-11: Be conscious of God’s Laws in our minds and hearts and always learn from the Lord!

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