Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Are You a Donkey?

“Why Jesus Chose the Donkey”

Matthew 21:1-9

Palm Sunday 2005

Small Standard Donkey: A subdivision of the Standard grouping. Small standard stand above 36" and up through 40", often with a miniature background. This includes donkeys up to 38" if they have no registered miniature parents or traceable miniature pedigree.

Large Standard Donkey: Donkeys from 48.01" up to 54" for females and up to 56" for males. These are good riding donkeys or can be used in breeding saddle mules. Many may have Mammoth breeding in their background.

They are Surefooted – Christ wanted to show that when trials come our way, we need to have the surefootedness of the donkey to maintain our present course and keep on the path of the straight and narrow. Hoof shape varies as well, donkey hooves are smaller and rounder, with more upright pasterns. The legs should have good bone, but many donkeys of common breeding may appear to have long thin legs with tiny feet. Larger Donkey’s may appear opposite, with huge, heavy shaggy legs and large round feet. Christ want to choose “Up-Right” individuals who will do what is right. Acts 20:24

They are Workers – Christ was the example of all examples. We sometimes complain about not having enough time to work for God, yet we will work extra overtime at Christmas to by meaningless gifts the will one day perish. We need to be more like the donkey, a pack animal, and carry the burden that Christ carried and the donkey was the ultimate “Burden Bearer”! II Corinthians 6:1

They prefer to do what is Good - Donkeys are more laid back and self-preserving in nature. They prefer to do what is good for the donkey, which is not always what the human thinks is best (especially when it comes to getting their feet wet...). They are very friendly, and their nature makes them excellent for children. We need to get our feet wet, do what is good, and make ourselves friendly. Jesus was always gentle in nature and he chose the animal that most closely resemble Him. Galatians 6:10

They are sought after - Donkeys were kept in great herds in ancient Egypt. In the tombs of the Dynasty IV (ca. 2675-2565 BC) are indications that wealthy and powerful people possessed droves of over a thousand head. In addition to their use as a pack animal, donkeys were employed to tread seeds into the fertile Nile floodplain and to thresh the harvest. Elsewhere, mares were kept as dairy animals. Donkey’s milk, higher both in sugar and protein content than cow’s milk, was used as food, as medicine, and as a cosmetic to promote a white skin. Donkey meat has also provided food for various people. Donkeys are sought after for many different reasons, yet it matters not why we seek Christ, just so long as we actively pursue His perfect and Holy will! Luke 19:3

They are Guardians - Donkeys can also make wonderful guard animals - a donkey gelding or jennet will take care of an entire herd of cattle, sheep or goats - the natural aversion to predators will inspire the donkey to severely discourage any canine attacks on the herd. Dogs and donkeys usually don’t mix, although they can be trained to leave the house or farm dog alone! Christ is looking for those who will be “Keepers and Guardians” of the gate! Those who will protect the flock they are in! Matt. 7:13

They are flawed, yet dependable - Ephesians 5:27 – Jesus will take the flawed, clean them up and make them presentable without spot or wrinkle, and turn you into a dependable instrument for God! Rev. 1:5 Christ is our example again of being dependable and faithful to his calling. We must be like the donkey and remain true to our cause and to our duty!

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