Summary: Jesus didn’t come into this world to condemn people, but to save them and we should follow His example


* These verses gives us the well known story of the woman who was taken in adultery,

and was brought before Jesus. * This story should cause us to love Jesus more,

* And to have more understanding and sympathy for sinners.

* There are many spiritual truths in this story & I hope to make some of them clear & meaning-

ful to you as I bring this message on "Why Jesus did not condemn the adulterous woman."

* First of all, let’s read the story carefully so that we’ll have it fresh in our minds.

(1) SEE WHAT HAPPENED! * Jesus went to the Mount of Olives into the temple area early in

the morning. * As He sat there teaching the people,

* The scribes & Pharisees brought a woman unto Him & placed her in the midst of the crowd.

A) I’m sure that the men in the crowd, even the religious ones, who came to hear Jesus,

* began to shout their condemnation against the woman!

B) I can see her now, standing there, embarrassed, blushing, her eyes looking down,

* ashamed even to look up into the faces of her accusers.

C) It’s possible that she had committed adultery with some of the very men in the crowd!

* No doubt she felt the unfairness of her condemnation when nothing was done with the men

with whom she had sinned. * Where was the man at with whom she was with that morning?

* Perhaps she didn’t know of the compassion of Jesus & was even fearful of Him!

(2) THE TRAP THEY SET! * They were setting a trap for Jesus!

* They were trying to push Him into a corner - v.6 "This they said tempting Him ......."

A) If Jesus had said "Don’t stone the woman," then He would condone sin and seem to be

against the law of Moses, or so they thought!

B) If He said, "Stone her," He would’ve violated the Roman law, for the Roman law would

not have permitted a woman to be put to death without a trial.

C) They thought they had Him trapped! * He would be condemned regardless of what His

answer was! * But Jesus was too smart for them to fall into such a trap!

* He knew the hearts of all the men who were there, He knew what their motives were!

* He knew they wasn’t interested in the law of Moses or concerned about the woman!

(3) THE SOLUTION! * Jesus didn’t stare or look at the woman to embarrass her.

* He stooped down and began to write on the ground. * We’re not told what He wrote,

* But the enemies of Jesus kept shouting for an answer. * I can hear them as they shout,

* "She’s committed adultery & is not worthy to live! Condemn her, kill her!"

A) Note v.7! * "He lifted up Himself ..." * This means He looked them straight into their

faces and stared at them, and said, "He that is without sin among you , let him first ......."

B) I can imagine that Jesus again stared at them, perhaps looking from one to the other.

* V.8 says "And again He stooped down, and wrote on the ground."

C) We’re not told exactly what He wrote, but we are told because of what He wrote,

* "they beginning at the eldest even unto the last, went away one by one."

D) I believe this indicates that Jesus wrote on the ground the very sins of these men beginning

with the eldest! * Perhaps He wrote the word "liar," & looked at every man who ever lied.

* Or ... "thief," and stared at every man that had stolen!

* No doubt He wrote the dates down when different ones of them had actually committed

adultery and those who had lusted in their heart!

E) Every one of them were convicted (condemned) in their own conscience & left one by one.

* Please notice, there were some in the Temple who came to hear Jesus preach!

* They left also! * There was not one single person in that crowd who wasn’t guilty of sin!

F) Only two remained; The poor condemned woman, the other was the uncondemning Savior!

* One was the sinner, the other was the Savior!

G) Jesus asked, "Woman, where are those thine accusers ..." * Woman replied, "No man ......."

* Then Jesus said to her, "Neither do I condemn thee; go, and sin no more."

H) Why did Jesus not condemn her? * Have you ever wondered why?

* It was certainly not because He condoned her sin! * He had condemned immorality before!

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