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Summary: David will face a WHY ME moment, what can we learn from his moment?


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• Can you relate, you are in outer space, and for no particular reason, something starts to go wrong.

• Today as we continue with our series WHY ME, we are going to examine a part of the life of David where David will face one of those WHY ME moments.

• The event we will examine comes before David is the king.

• When David was a boy, God anointed him to be the next king of Israel. After David was anointed by Samuel, David goes back to tending the sheep.

• In chapter 15 of 1 Samuel, we read that the Spirit of God departed from Saul and Saul was tormented by an evil spirit, so Saul hears that David can play the Lyre.

• Saul called on David to be a part of his court. When Saul was afflicted by the spirit, David would play the Lyre and Saul was receive relief.

• In chapter 17, we have the famous David and Goliath incident. David defeats Goliath and saves the nation from becoming the slaves of the Philistines.

• David’s fame rose precipitously from that point.

• People were singing songs in honor of David, and King Saul started to become jealous.

• So today we are going to see a story of a guy who was anointed the be the next king, who was a blessing to the current king, and who saved the nation by killing Goliath.

• David is going to face one of those WHY ME moments and from David’s experience, we will gain some insights as to how we can deal with the inevitable WHY ME moments we face in life.

• Let’s begin by looking at 1 Samuel 19:1

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1 Samuel 19:1 (CSB) Saul ordered his son Jonathan and all his servants to kill David. But Saul’s son Jonathan liked David very much,

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I. Bad things can happen when you least expect it.

• Wow! Up to this point think of the life that David has led.

• The nation wanted a king to lead them as all the other nations possessed. Saul was the man.

• Saul started going off the rails, so God tells Samuel to go to the house of Jesse to anoint a new king who would take over at some point in the future, so Jesse parades all of his sons before Samuel, all except the youngest, the shepherd boy David.

• After being anointed the next King, David goes back to the sheep. That says a lot about the heart of David.

• I think I would have made sure everyone knew that I was about to be the next king. ?

• God had been with David from the beginning, God has anointed David, protected David and prospered David up to this point.

• Life was good for David.

• Have you ever been in that LIFE IS GOOD time?

• Life is good isn't it during that time, not a care in the world, all is good, everything is right.

• This is where David is at this point.

• When you get into a WHY ME moment, we have to be conscious of the fact that bad things can happen when you least expect it.

• David has been nothing but good to King Saul and for King Saul, yet before this chapter, Saul has threatened David's life in 1 Samuel 18:11 and had assigned him to military tasks virtually guaranteed to bring about his death in 1 Samuel 18:13, 17, and 25.

• Much like Stephen whom we looked at last week, David is doing the will of God, he is faithfully serving Saul, then when all seems good, Saul wants to kill David.

• David wanted to marry one of his daughters, Michal (ME CALL) and Saul set a price that was meant to get David killed.

• Verses 20-ff in chapter 18 tells us that Saul found out that David loved His daughter Michal ME CALL,

• This made Saul happy according to verse 20. He thought he could get David killed.

• So, Saul devises a plan.

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1 Samuel 18:25 (CSB) — 25 Then Saul replied, “Say this to David: ‘The king desires no other bride-price except a hundred Philistine foreskins, to take revenge on his enemies.’ ”

• Actually, Saul intended to cause David’s death at the hands of the Philistines.

• We do not see that David thinks anything of what Saul was doing up to this point.

• David was so diligent that David and his men killed 200 Philistines and presented the, well, the PRIZE to Saul.

• Verses 28-29 Saul became even more afraid of David when Saul realized the Lord was with.

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