Summary: People are complaining about their status, position and way of living. Do we really have room to complain?

*The test used in reference for this message was a thought received from a message on the 7 test of Joseph submitted by contibutor, Derek Vreeland.

Why Me, Why Now?

Genesis 39:16-20

Joseph was placed in a position where he had to make a choice – one that would determine whether he keeps his job or not.

Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him and get him into bed with her. When he denied her, she became embarrassed and enraged. When her husband, Potiphar returned, she started making up a story of how Joseph tried to rape her.


When Joseph knew he was in the wrong place:

He got out of there!

He didn’t stay and try to negotiate with her

He didn’t take it up to a certain point and then quit

He didn’t stay to see what she had to offer

When Joseph saw that this was not a good thing:

He left so quickly that he left his coat.

You have no business flirting around with sin. When that opportunity arises: You have got to get out of there.

Why do Christians?

Not go to the crack houses

Not go to the bars and nightclubs

Not go to those places on the Internet…

Satan has got a trap for you set. And if he can get you in the room, he almost has you committed to jumping right in bed with sin. You have got to get out of there!!!!

So Joseph is falsely accused. This lady totally lies and gets Joseph fired and sent to prison. But he never complained.

We all have opportunity to complain:

Co-worker gets a promotion before you

Family member gets a better job

Sinners getting more material things

Someone in church gets to sing more

They are always called on to teach

· Why does this always happen to me?

· Why did I get sick – I am a worker in the church?

· Why did I lose a loved one – I am faithful

· I am honest with my taxes but he gets 5k back every year

· I am honest at work and people pass me by when it comes to raises

· I don’t socialize with the world and it gets me nowhere

We all complain because we feel like we have been done wrong. But what you say when this happens will determine what kind of person you really are.

Let me let you in on some insight:

Your boss does not have that hold on the promotion

Your boss is not the one that gives you the raise

The banker is not the one who approves your loan

- All of this is determined by God

You have been trying to please your boss, you have been trying to be nice to the banker when you should have been putting all of yourself in the position of honoring God.

You have to live with this fact:

If God wants me to have this house – I will have it

If God wants me to have this car – I will have it

If God wants me to have this job – I will have it

If God wants me to get tax money back – I will

If God wants me to overcome cancer – I will

It’s not based on what this world will “let us” do or have. It’s all about God and what HE wants from us and for us. Some of you can’t get:

· The promotion because you have not shown God your faithfulness with the job you have now.

· A bigger house because you don’t have a Christian home in the one you have

· A nicer car because the one you have now is not being used for the glory of God

· A bigger salary because you are not being faithful in giving back to God what you have now

What I am saying? We have been complaining and saying that is our:

· Bosses’ fault

· Doctors’ fault

· Loan officers’ fault

· Co-workers’ fault

…Because we don’t have no more than we have now

God says when you prove faithful over what you have now; when you are thankful for what you have now…THEN I will give you more.

Matthew 25:14-30 teaches us about three men who were given talents. Listen to what the master said to the one man who did not use his talent:

v.26 –“You wicked, lazy slave…take away his talent”

But to the two men that were faithful in using what they had, v.21 – “Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things…”

We are blessed with more only after we have proven to be faithful with what we have.

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