Summary: Why do we fail to grow and mature as we should


Text: Acts 15:35-40 II Timothy 4:6-11

Have you ever seen somebody get saved and join the church or maybe some family joins the church and the first thing you think is,

"Boy, these are going to be good people."

After they have joined the church, they asked for that Sunday school class, or bus route that no one wants.

They take a load that older and or a mature Christians should have. But, all the time in your mind you are saying "Boy these folks are going to be great!"

And then you watch them grow. They are faithful to all services, including Wednesday night and you get excited about it. For a pastor this is a dream come true. To watch someone get save and grow in the Lord.

Then all of a sudden, you notice "Hey, they are missing a lot of services."

Just a few to start with scattered out through a couple of months. They come up with some pretty good excuses, but you know what is coming. And they quit all together.

This is a tragedy, and by the way you if your not a Christian (saved - born again) how could you ever expect to succeed in the Christian Life.

So First of all let us see what is a Christian.

Then secondly why does he fail.


The word "Christian" only appears three times in the bible.

Acts 11:26, Acts 26:28, I Peter 4:16.

In Acts 11:26 we find that the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.

So from this we gather that a Christian is:

A. One That Has Believed That Christ Is His Savior.

B. One That Followed The Teachings Of Jesus Christ Only.

C. One That Experiences A Change.

1. Changed life-style.

2. Change in behavior.

Paul had lived this kind of testimony, turn to Acts 26:28.

D. One That Expects A Challenge.

1. From the word of God.

2. From the pastor.

3. From other Christians.

E. One That Reproduces Himself.


A. It Is Possible That They Did Not Count The Cost Of Discipleship.

Please get it clear that I am not talking about what it costs you in money.

There is a vast difference in between just being a Christian, and being a really good Christian.

Example: It is easy to get married. A girl can get married without money, without work; all she needs to do is say "yes" and beat it to the nearest preacher or justice of the peace. Multitudes get married without ever having a serious thought about the matter. But after the girl is married, then to be a really good housewife cost something, or husband.

We find that the Apostle Paul had the same kind of thing happen to him.

Paul had chosen what he had thought to be good men to go with him on his missionary journey.

But something happened and John Mark wanted to go home and Demas forsook Paul.

Remember, there is a vast difference between being converted, a child of God, and really serving God acceptably.

Salvation is free but our service is not. I have thought a lot why they may have left Paul.

1. The cost of losing old friends.

2. The cost of losing family.

3. The cost of winning souls.

4. The cost of going into the Ministry.

B. It Is Possible That They Did Not Recognize The Importance Of Their Task.

If there ever has been a time needed in our churches to understand the magnitude of this thing of being a Christian witness, "it is today."

I believe that the most important thing that’s happening today here on the face of this earth is getting people ready for the coming of our blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

1. The task of winning souls.

2. The task of building the church.

C. It Is Possible That They Did Not Realize The Greatness Of His Co-laborers

There is a third reason why John Mark did not follow Paul and Barnabas. It was the fact that he did not realize the greatness of his co-laborers.

Sometimes we do not see it, even when it’s right in front of us.

1. Think About The Great Men Of The Past.

a. Noah

b. David

c. D.L. Moody

d. Mention Others

2. Great men of the present.

All these men never new there destiny.

Some great old people will never be known. You don’t have to be a preacher.

John Mark was counting on a big shot, but he just found Paul willing to do what God wanted him to do.

He was trying to find a new experience, But what he found was a man getting ready to tell the old, old story.

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