Summary: Part three of Five part sermon seeking to define the purpore of the church !

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Why On Earth Does The Church Exist ? Part 3

Matthew 28:18-20

This is the third in our five part message that seeks to answer the question..."Why On Earth Does The Church Exist ?"

The hope behind these sermons is that we as a church will realize the purpose and plan of God for our Church.

Thus far, we have given you two of five words that hopefully will help us in answering our question.....

How many of you remember the first two words ? 1st.....glorify


The third word that we will look at today is ....."Go"

The church exists to go !

I want us to look at the text that gives us the charge to go.......the cause to go.....and the course to go !

1. The Power That Enables Us To Go ! V. 18

The word "ye". Every child of God has a part in the great commission. We may not all go to the same place or to the same people, but what made the early church effective in caring out the great commission was personal involvement.

The Institute For American Church Growth asked over 10,000 people this

question: "What was responsible for your coming to Christ and this

church?" Their replies were:

a. I had a special need - 3%

b. I just walked in - 3%

c. I liked the minister - 6%

d. I visited there - 1%

e. I liked the Bible classes - 5%

f. I attended a gospel meeting - 0.5%

g. I liked the programs - 3%

h. A friend or relative invited me - 79%

This survey reveals to us how essential it is that every child of God.....every church member be involved in reaching people. There are friends, and relatives of yours that I may never reach........the same is true of mine.

Illust. D.L. Moody once approached a man who was leaning against a lampost on a Chicago street. Moody was soon speaking to him about Christ. The fellow raised his fists and angrily exclaimed, "Mind your own business." To which Moody replied, "I’m sorry if I’ve offended you, but to be very frank, this is my business !"

Going....and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is the church’s business !

I recently read a sermon on this scripture and I loved the title of the message......"Jesus’ Final Words, Our First Work" was the name of the message. The Great Commission must have seemed like a impossible command when it was given to the handful of believers that were present. The number of those present in the upper room later on would number 120............What a huge task for such a small group ? How could would they carry the message of the gospel unto all the world. The task today still seems beyond us in spite of the technological advances, and the advances in travel that have been made. Notice......the word "therefore". Remember what i’ve told you about this word......when you see the word "therefore"....find out what it’s there for ! Jesus is saying...."Go ye therefore,.........because of what I have previously said.......because I have all power.........then you can go !

Jesus Christ has the power of all heaven, and earth, and it is with that authority that we are able to go ! The outcome of any attempt at Vs. 19-20 would be futility if it were not for V. 18. There is a power that enables us to fulfil God’s purpose, and plan ! We can go and share the gospel here in our community, in our county, in our country, and to the uttermost parts of the world because of the power of the Lord Jesus Christ !

2. The Person That Exhorts Us To Go ! V. 19

The one who is exhorting us to go is the one that was willing to go all the way to the cross ! How far are we willing to go for him ?

Illust. Grandaddy was visiting his grandson, and he couldn’t stand to hear him he was constantly picking him up.However, it was nap time, and the mother laid the little boy down in his baby bed to sleep.....soon the baby was crying, and soon Granddaddy picked him up out of his bed. The daughter scolded her daddy, and told him that the baby had to stay in the bed. As the mother went about her business, she soon became aware that the baby had ceased to cry. She went to check on the baby, and what she saw shocked her........Grandaddy was now in the baby bed with his grandson. Grandaddy explained....."Since he couldn’t get out, I got in"

Isn’t that the message behind the mission of Jesus ? He was called to go.......since we couldn’t get out.....he got in. He took upon himself the form of a servant......he tabernacled among us in the flesh ! And now the same love that bid him go......bids us go. The one who took up his cross....calls us to take up our cross, and to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth !

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