Summary: Understanding the prayer that moves God

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Why Prayer Moves God

August 10, 2003 Am - Danny L. Williams

Luke 18:1

I want to talk to you this morning from the subject “Why Prayer Moves God”.

Let’s Pray,

Concept of Prayer: The History Of God’s People is decorated with men and women of prayer. Down through out the bible to Jesus, to The apostles on the day of Pentecost, to Paul, to the new test Church, 2000 yrs later to You.

Prayer is our means of communicating with God, Prayer is our way to tap into spiritual power form on high.

But, Let me give you a practical definition of prayer:

Effective prayer occurs when you talk to God and listen to what God is saying to you.

Prayer involves listening to God Just as much as it does talking to him.

Prayer is a relationship

It is fellowship

Prayer is communication with God

Now Let me give you a Warning: The Last thing that your enemy Satan wants you to do is to learn to pray. He will do what ever it takes to keep you from it.

Satan Hates Prayer,

In fact, It is the Number one thing he fights most, then Praise & Worship.


There are two types of Prayer

1. Prayer that moves you

2. Prayer that moves God

What’s the difference?

And Prayer that moves God is a Prayer when you depend on him,

Prayer that moves you – Prayer that sounds good to you, prayer mixed with pride, a dependence on your self. Or Not praying at all

I want to talk a few moments “Why Christians Don’t Pray”

People Give thousands of excuses as to why they don’t pray.

No matter what the excuse, The underlying issue is that (they love to depend on them selves)

Praylessness is always a result of selfishness

Come on Church: God is raising the standard:

YOUR GREATEST NEED AND ONLY hope to make a long-lasting difference for God is to learn to pray.

Can I tell you?

Pray is not optional

It’s Essential

If you are going to be serious about faith, it is imperative that prayer becomes a major part of your life.

If you are going to be a consistent prayer warrior, we must understand the obstacles.

Four Reasons Christians Don’t pray;

1. Pride – Isa. 57:15

God is saying I dwell in two places

1. I dwell in heaven

2. I dwell with the humble

Let me just inject something

Pride is the biggest problem in life

People are not your problem

The church is not your problem

Pride is nothing to play around with.

It is the most deceitful sin of all.

It cost Adam and the entire human race everything.

Pride is so dangerous because it masks a multitude of sins.

When pride is exposed, it’s like reveling a den of snakes.

Pride is the number one reason we don’t pray.


See: Pride keeps us from praying because it overestimates the power of self.

The disciples struggled with pride:

Turn to:

Matthew 26:40-46

Pride cause them to ignore a personal request from Jesus.

Pride allowed them to Overestimate the power of self.

They couldn’t do it,

Within hours Peter denied Jesus three times.

Three times neglected prayer led to three denials of Jesus.

Pride is a self Life

Pride always points the finger at others

Pride thinks more of them selves than they do For God


Do you have any Pride?

Proverbs 29:23

Proverbs 11:2

Let me say again: Pride is very deceitful, it will sneak up on you.

You cannot make it own your own.

The second reason Christians don’t pray is

2. Unbelief

You will never ask God for something you don’t believe.

If you don’t believe prayer is working, you wont pray and if you are not praying it’s because you have areas of unbelief.

SEE: Pride overestimates the power of self,

Unbelief: Underestimates the power of God,

The result of each is praylessness.

Matthew 13:53-58

Every where Jesus went he preformed miracles in abundance, except for places where a lack of faith was prominent,

There are moments when we don’t believe, Even though we know Jesus’ ability we are not certain that He is willing to intervene in our situation.

Rather, than choosing to pray, we choose to trust in ourselves

We underestimate God

Look at:

Rom. 4:20-21

With out Faith PRAYER doesn’t work.

Satan wants you to think that God is two busy to listen to your prayers.

Let me tell you something, God is not limited in his power.

God is who he says he is and can do what he says he can do.

He is GOD!!

What are you facing right now that is bigger than You?

What is your biggest problem?

Is it business




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