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Summary: We are lost, needing direction, need a map? Read the Bible


2 Tim. 3:14-17

Illustration: It’s Christmas Eve. The kids are all asleep, you are sitting by the tree, trying to assemble that bike. Box says “so simple a 10 year old can put it together”. An hour later you mutter something like “they forgot to include the 10 year old to put it together”. Several hours later you have it together, it looks something like the picture on the box. There are still several dozen parts left over. Finally you decide to read the instructions. We may all laugh at that because we have done that. Life is the same way, we lament the lack of instructions that come with life. Yet God has given us instruction for life. It is His Word.

Read 2 Tim. 3:14-17

The only protection we have against the demoralizing influences of a godless society is the conviction that the Bible is God’s word. It has been preserved throughout the ages. Unfortunately many today believe the Biblical doctrine of inspiration is outdated, even offensive to the modern scientific mind. They concede that the Bible has enduring religious value but it cannot be considered God’s word. It should take its place among man’s higher works. But the Bible has a different view; it claims to be the very word of God and our sole guide in all matters. It is our directions for life. There are four truths about God’s Word

1. It is FOUNDATIONAL. V 14-15

a. It is the word of Salvation

b. In its teaching all of life becomes the classroom

c. It is imparted to us through shared experiences [Jewish parents responsibility was to teach children in their fifth year the Law]

d. For Timothy it is foundational to his learning of everyday life.

e. Made Timothy wise to salvation

f. It points us to the Savior.

g. We should read it as though it is pointing us in a direction, then follow that direction.

2. It is “God-breathed”{pheopneustov=breathed into by God, inspired}

a. Speaks of the Bible in its entirety v16

b. Every word proceeded directly from God

c. The writers had some freedom, but what they wrote is inspired.

d. It is infallible, it comes from God therefore it is without error

e. Everything it says about God, devil, Heaven, hell, life, death and everything in between. It cannot mislead, deceive, disappoint or fail those who believe it and trust it.

f. We should act on this belief, if we can believe the first words “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.” Then we can believe the rest of it.

3. It is Profitable (Ophelimos=valuable, useful)

a. Teaching us all we need to know about God and life

i. The Bible not only tells us when we are wrong, but how to make it right

ii. It is a book that shows us condemnation but also shows us restoration, God shows us our sin and how he delivered us from it.

b. Rebuking

i. Warning us what will happen if we continue on our present path

ii. Shows us the best way

c. Correcting life’s problems

i. Practical advice for parenting

ii. How to deal in relationships

d. Training in righteousness

i. Like an owners manual

ii. Gives us information to make wise choices for a godly lifestyle

4. It is Essential

a. Thoroughly equipped for every good work

b. Produces maturity, that which apart from the Word we will never have.

c. Helps build

i. A life pleasing to God

ii. A Godly home and family

iii. Reaching the lost and training the believers.

So why read the Bible? So we can know the will of God, and how to live like godly people. It is essential to a successful, satisfying life.

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