Summary: "Impossible" is a word found only in the dictionary of fools. Though leprous they weren’t fools. The story of four leprous men is a remarkable demonstration of God’s grace. Let’s examine it together!

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The city is suffering. Things have gotten seriously desperate. The enemy is just outside the city walls. The enemy has ample provisions and plenty of patience in hopes that those inside the walls will either surrender or die of starvation!

Economic inflation isn’t the worst of it. The people are so desperate inside the walls, they have turned to cannibalism. King Jehoram walks along the walls in despair and weeps.

But not all is lost. Elisha assures the city that God will end the famine, many mock Elisha’s report, they believe their situation is hopeless.

Meanswhile outside the walls there is another drama unfolding. The enemy has been routed. Most scholars believe that God used an angelic army to cause them to retreat. The following four lepers knows what really has happened. Let’s examine it together!

Main Division

I. Their Story (1-2)

II. Their Summation (3-4)

III. Their Surprise (5-7)

IV. Their Spoil (8-15)

Conclusion: God is able to deliver you just as He did a surrounded city with no hope!

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