Summary: Why some people will never see the power of Jesus in there life.

Why some people will never be healed

John 5:1-16

Intro: In this scripture we find a perfect example of the healing powers of the Lord. We know that God has all power to remove iniquity from the lives of sinners and make them saints. We are well aware that God is not limited mentally, as he removed the evil spirit from the maniac of Gaderia. And here we see that the physical is no threat to God either.

We know that God’s powers of healing are displayed for three reasons.

A. Because of faith.

The Bible tells us that the just shall live by faith. Faith pleases God and it motivates God to perform imposibilities in our lives. However according to the book of James, “Faith without works is dead.” 2.

B. Because of Compassion.

Sometimes there’s nothing that the doctors can do… It’s then that God moves on the scene with compassion…(The little boy in the city of Naine)

C. Because He wants to show off.

Did you know that God likes to show off. Yeah, God likes to take a hopeless situation and fill it with hope. God likes to take gloom and doom, wipe it off a little and make it bright and shiny.

Ill. 1. A cool mountain stream runsthrough a dry dusty desert.

Ill. 2. A dark and dreary sky, filled with thunder and lightning and places in it a rainbow filled with the promise of sun on the way. Why? Because God likes to show off.

Ill. 3. A no good sinner, lost in drugs… and makes him a saint.

That’s why He said, “Where sin doth abound Grace doeth much more abound.”…

In this scripture we find several reasons why some people will never be healed

Some people will never be healed because:

I. They just can’t seem to get into the water. (the healing of the church)vs.6-7

A. What churches needs today are more people who are willing to get into the water. Churches are hurting for people who are willing to get into the water. Too many people today are standing on the porch, watching everybody else do all the swimming.

Illustration. 20/80) rule

80 percent of the people spend most of there time testing the water when what the need to be doing is diving in to the water.

Reasons why people wont get into the water

A It’s too cold – there comfortable right where their at. (Choir)

B It’s too deep – (nursery)

C Afraid of being splashed – they want the pool to themselves

II. They won’t take the advice they ask for. Vs 8-9

A I try my best not to offer advice when I’m not being asked…

B But when I am asked I expect the person to take the advice I give.


C. What if the man would have laid there and refused to get up…?

Ill. (The doctors prescription)The Dr. expects you to take the medication or treatments offered.

III. They just don’t know the physician Vs. 12-13

A. Jesus is working right before our eyes but so many don’t know Him

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